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Great Products From Google

Countless people use Google products and services daily. One of their most used products is the Google search engine. Other things like Gmail and Youtube are also very popular. Did you know that Google has many other products which can help you to boost productivity and make youru working day easier?

There are many Google products which most of us are not aware of. If you take a look in Google Labs you will find many great tools which are a big help to developers and designers. The best part about Google products is that they are free, which makes them better than other products which you have to pay for.

If you are tired of paying for things like Microsoft Office, you can always try out Google documents. It is a very professional, and free, alternative, which has a lot of functionality. Being able to work online is also helpful if you find that you are often moving from one computer to the other. If you need to have all of your documents with you as you move from your office, to your home office, you should try it out. This article will list some great Google products which you should think about using.


Google has their own News product, which can bring you daily updates on what is happening in the world. The stories are shown according to your interest, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time finding the stories that interest you.


Do you need to take a look at a file, but do not have the right tool to open it? If you have access to the internet, you can use Google Reader to view a range of different file types, such as docs and pdfs. You can also use this tool to share favorite documents with others.


This is a great tool which allows you to save bookmarked websites and access them quickly and easily. When you bookmark a site the regular way, the bookmark is saved on that computer only. With Google Bookmarks your favorites are saved to your account on Google. No matter where you are, you can quickly take a look at the bookmarks that you saved.


This tool will send you emails altering you to relevant search results, depending on what you have been looking for. You can select which topics you want to keep track of, and you will receive regular updates when there is an appropriate result found. This is great if you are doing some research, or trying to find a rare piece of information.


This is a great tool for creating, and sharing, your own websites. You do not need to know how to code HTML, and like all of the tools listed here, it is free.

Blog search

This is a good way to search for various blogs. This tool lets users find blogs more easily, and weed out the sites which they do not want to view.


This tool lets you find out how often people have performed searches on certain topics. You simply enter in a maximum of five topics, and the tool will check how many people have been searching for them.



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