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Great tools to pick a domain name

How many times it happened to you when you wanted to pick a domain name and found out that this task is not easy at all? I am sure that you have often confronted with this problem because everybody knows that it is very important to choose a perfect domain name for a website. Knowing this I decided to write this article with the purpose to submit to your attention some of the best tools that can help you to pick the perfect domain name.

For some years, it has become very difficult to decide the name of a domain that ends with .net, .com, or .org TLD‘s. As a consequence of this situation Domainr was created. It is a very innovative web tool designed to help you to find and explore other LTD’s like del.icio.us or last.fm that have managed to make some websites to become popular. More on, searches also include the most available top-level domains.

Dot-o-mator is another great web tool. It merely suggests you names for different sites using suffixes and prefixes. For example, you can establish a category of prefixes (as “Games” or Tool”) and suffixes (like “Web” or “Software”) and Dot-o-mator will suggest you different names for your sites. I consider it a very useful tool if you have no inspiration.

BustAName is a powerful domain finder. Using the linguistic data it helps you to search the available domains. More on, using it you can manage, save and organize your searches so that you can use them later. It comes with a feature called “List of Words” that submits to your attention similar words. The information received can be organized in folders. Another great thing is that, the available domains can be sorted depending on their quality, length so that you can see them easier. Even if BustAName is a very intuitive tool it comes along a video tutorial that shows you step by step how you can use this tool.

Domain Tools helps you to uncover all the relevant information about a certain domain name. These tools have “Whois” search (that gives you information about who has already registered the domain), “Suggestion” search (That helps you to find some similar names for a domain) and “Domain Search” (that gives you information about the available TLDs of a domain name). Using Domain Tools you can find out what domain names are “At Auction” or “For Sale”.

Domize and Squurl are two fast search engines based on Ajax technology that help you to find quickly an available domain name.

DomainsBot comes with an “Advanced” search option that helps you to get more refined and customized search.

dnScoop is another great tool because it allows you to estimate better the value of a certain domain using a few statistics. Site traffic, the links that point to a certain domain might be very useful in searching for a domain name.

StuckDomains shows you a database that contains expired domain names so you can choose a domain from this list.

Nameboy is a generator of domain names. This is a straightforward web tool. It asks you for a “Primary Word” and a “Secondary Word” that can describe your website topic, and based on your own input, it is able to suggest you domain names that can be available at the moment.

Dyyo.com and Ajax deserve your attention, too.

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  1. Domain Nitro

    Good resource list of domain names. Just wondering if you have to pay for all of them or if they are free? Can you add that or maybe have it for another post?

  2. veterinary

    nice post. thanks.

  3. Paul

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