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Greatest And Latest jQuery Plug Ins

Since the year is about half way through, it is the perfect time to take a look at some of the latest design and development trends. There are a lot of new plug ins out there which have been developed for jQuery. Over 40% of the sites in the world use jQuery, so it is hard to ignore the efficient, lightweight and powerful tool.

You do not have to write a great deal of code in order to enrich sites with jQuery, which makes it one of the most preferred platforms. This article will discuss a range of very nice, cutting edge plug ins for jQuery, that can make your internet experience much better.


You can make a <ul> (unordered list) into a tool bar that has drop down menus, quickly and easily, using this great plug in.


This plug in was made for use with scriptaculous. It is basically a tab menus that can be easily expanded and collapsed.

Simple jQuery Fluid Thumbnail Menus Bar

This plug in has a simply premise. You can thumbnails into a list and have them over flow and flip down from page to page.

Accordian Multilevel Menu

This is a useful plug in that gies you a boolean option initialisation accordian. When the value is set to true, the menu acts like an accordian.


If you want to make customised drop downs it usually takes a long time, and is a very tedious task. Dropkick can help you to take the extra work out of this task, so that you can focus on creating a good looking menu.

Jquery Resize and Crop

This plug in, which is often referred to as “jrac,” is a plug in that lets you make a view port surrounding any chosen image. You can then change the size of an image and crop it. The plug in will give you information about the coordinates, so that you can use them for other reasons.

Cloud Zoom

This plug in lets you zoom images, which is simple enough. It is a good choice if you want something similar to other products, like Magic Zoom. However, this plug in is smaller, and has more features than the aforementioned product. It also works better with a larger variety of browsers.

Simple jQuery Image Hover Effect

This basic plug in lets you make an image animated when you hover over it.

Easy Image Zoom

This lets you take a close look at a product when you move the mouse over it.


You can create a zoom effect similar to that of a lens on any image, using this simple plug in.


This jQuery plug in lets you choose your image from a drop down menu.

Jquery Mapz

You can make image maps that are draggable by creating a call function and using some basic HTML.

Jquery Image Gallery

This is a simply way to display images in a gallery, with slideshow and light box functions.


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