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Handling Web Designing Projects By Means Of a Copywriter

The Problem

You are a graphic designer and you have held a meeting with a new client. Every aspect of project has been discussed and now you have a clear mind regarding what the client exactly wants from you. At the end, you ask  from where the content would come and the client simply replies that he/she would provide it.

The agreement has been signed and every detail has been added including the time on which the client will be sending you the content for his website. Now you are excited about the project and started your work immediately by using dummy text and images within the layout. You are waiting for the client to send the copy of their website but the deadline arrives and you did not receive any copy.

You have now emailed the client in a very humble manner discussing about the deadline and the layout of the website along with the query to know when they expect to get the work completed. They simply reply that they completely forgot and will provide you with another deadline. That deadline is missed again without receiving any copy from the client.

From the situation, you might have grabbed what the issue is. The main problem is that in order to save the cost of this job, many clients tend to agree on the fact that they will write the content on their own and as a matter of fact, they cannot seek time for this or does not have the capability to perform the duties of a content writer. Such a situation might either result in delaying projects or a complete abandonment of it.

The Solution

The very next time you come into a contract with a client who is willing to develop a website from the scratch, avoid asking the question as who will be copy writing for it. Rather, express yourself as you will be expecting a call from your copywriter.

From this, the duty has been shifted from the client to the writing partner who is now responsible to interview the client for further details. From the information obtained, relevant data can be extracted that should be included in the website along with having an on-time delivery of the copy writing.

By involving a copywriter in the web designing process, helps you to take control over the situation in addition to getting the project done in a more effective and efficient manner as well as getting it done faster. It is obvious that the cost of the copywriter will also be incorporated within the total cost of the project but, trust me, it is worth it. From the other point of view, this can also be beneficial as you will be able to weed away bargaining clients and tend to have clients that are more serious in their work and less of the cost.

How to Find a Copywriter

Acquiring a copywriter requires him/her to be exceptionally talented and have all the knowledge required for the job. There are web designers who have links with copywriters and through these links they can get their work done. Moreover, further referrals are also a possibility as you can always ask your copywriter to refer any other person who has excellent skills in particular area. Perhaps, you might also know someone who have or can develop skills for being a copywriter. However, if you do not have any source, the best source is open for all which is obtaining via the Internet. There are several avenues on the web world from where you can get talented copywriters.

If you are looking for a new entrant in the industry, your first avenue can be LinkedIn. Making a simple search will open you to numerous writers who are qualified for the job. Many of these workers have also provided links to their portfolio, which means that you are also able to view their portfolio and get to know about their previous work along with the reviews posted by different clients.

On the other hand, you are willing to hire a person who holds skills that are specific top web writing as writing for websites requires a set of skills in itself. The reason is that web writing requires a smooth blend of marketing language as well as search engine optimized techniques in addition to taking an appearance in which it is defining a story as it is the story which will attract readers towards it. Getting the readers engaged in the activities or content of the website is as much important as it is to have a good design of the site.

Another requirement for hiring a copywriter is that he/she should also excel in English language and must not be poor in grammatical or sentence structure aspects. Their work should be error free and must provide unique as well as interesting contents to divert more and more traffic towards the website.

Paying the Copywriter

Paying out a copywriter involves a variety of arrangements which can be settled down. It is always wise to bill the client an invoice which is inclusive of the services provided by a copywriter. After receiving the amount from the client, you can pay out the agreed amount to your copywriter.

Prior to discussing the pay rate, it is also very important to give each and every detail about the project to the copywriter so that he/she can decide about the rate and agree on the proposed one. However, it is also advised that you consider revised rates and increments within it so that the morale of the copywriter increases and he performs his work with more concentration.


The most frustrating time for a web designer is to deal with a halted client. Such a situation results in obstruction in the work flow in addition to the loss incurred within the cash flow. Hiring the services of a copywriter will not only get your job done on time but will also get it done in a professional way.


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