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Hiring the ideal employee

When an employer wants to hire an effective team the question he often asks is whether or not the prospective employee can work well with other people. People who work together for a long period of time become like a second family. If you cannot get along with others and communicate efficiently there is little chance that an employer will continue to keep you on the team. However, having the right skills for the job is just as important.

Beginning to hire people is the start of a difficult process. A person might have the best skills to suit a position, but might lack the required personal skills to become a true team member. When you start to take on new employees you should ask yourself some questions:

Firstly, do you need people for a long term relationship? If you want people to work with you for a long time they will need to get along well with everyone, as well as having the required skills.

Secondly, will you be the person in control of the team, or is everyone going to work together in the decision making like a democracy?

Grades versus personal skills

Some time ago it was a trend to hire people who had the most excellent grades in school and the best scores in college. Today some things have changed. An employer generally seeks people who have the required skills, but who also have the right mind set to complete the work on time and become part of a team. However, sometimes a boss will hire a person simply because they get along well with them.

Hiring people for their brains

You can simply hire the people who are the most intelligent. A smart person is likely to be able to handle any tasks that you give them in a shorter amount of time. However, being intelligent does not always guarantee that someone is going to be mentally capable of their work load. Some of the smartest people in the world simply cannot cope with stress and do not deal well with others.

Hiring for personal skills

Hiring a person because they are easily likable and get along well with others might ensure that the work environment is fun and enjoyable. However, one must be careful not to hire a person purely for their social skills. Sometimes someone might be well mannered and pleasant to be around, but simply lacking in the right skills for the job. Furthermore, people who enjoy chatting and being social might not get much work done during the day.

Finding the perfect mix

It is ideal to hire someone first, who has the necessary skills and experience, then to look for the right social abilities. Some employers may have different opinions on this matter. In the end, the work needs to be completed on time, no matter if everyone is enjoying the workplace.

If you are hiring new employees you really have to decide if you would prefer brains or chemistry. These two factors often show themselves more keenly in different people. The ideal worker has a good balance of each.


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