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How Can I Increase My Conversion to Join My Site?

One of the main reasons of having a website is to convey information to the public. Giving good and valuable information will get you plenty of visitors once you get found. It’s the chicken and the egg syndrome. Keeping them is another matter. You need to get and keep visitors to enable the world of your website to get out. With the very small chance, you get to impart information to the visitor you need to grab the attention immediately, or you won’t get a second chance.

With the short window of opportunity, you get to grab attention you get an even smaller one to get sign ups on your site.  When you consider that if your website does not have attention grabbing headlines and sub headlines your visitor is probably gone within 10 seconds. The ones that stay will only sign up if you give them a very good reason to do so. This means you need to bend over backwards to show the very best you have to offer in the way of information and photographs. Only then you will get a sign up.

It’s a best foot forward impact that is required

Basically, what is required: Something to grab and keep attention! This requires something out of the ordinary that will be so unusual that they will be sufficiently intrigued to stay to either read the rest of the headlines or to read the headlines and article under the photo.  Now if you have used CAPTCHA you probably lost them before they entered, unless they were desperate to get at the attention they had heard was there. Websites are there to make a sale of some description to the visitor. The front page is the lure.

When you are fly fishing, the best and brightest tied fly, is usually what makes the trout rise to grab the bait.

There are some things one can do to create more opportunities for sales and joining of your newsletter. This is your conversion rate.

The first thing you need to do is make your offering irresistible and get them to act. When you go on to WordPress and look at plug-ins they make the download tag bright red.

People are more likely to download something that is free than something that has to be paid for immediately. A free trial is a good way to go.

If only a certain percentage download why is the rest not downloading? This is a good question. They might already have the software, or they are already signed up elsewhere.

The main thing you need to do is concentrate on one item at a time. If you want newsletter sign ups which is a good way to get your need, to have an enticement to sign up.  The signup needs to be above the fold. It needs to be simple. Something like first name and email address. You don’t need more. You need a way of being in communication with them. Once you are communicating regularly, and they have learnt to trust you. You can recommend items occasionally. However, never ever ram it down their throats. I have recently had a situation like this. This person gives very good photographic tips, and I like reading his news letter. But these last few weeks I have had daily promotional letters for books I don’t intend to buy. Now I like his newsletter but after the 15th email, I am ready to unsubscribe. I opted to receive once a week newsletter, and now it is becoming a daily event with information I didn’t sign up for. This is a very bad way of conducting business, and if you do it, you will lose customers. Make sure you never do it to your signups.

In conclusion, make the signup attractive with a good free offer in a bright attractive color. Once you have them do not bombard your visitors with stuff they didn’t sign up for. Make them learn to trust you. Only then can you make suggestions that they might like to look at this or that because it can do this or that for them.


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