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How Microsoft Silverlight Provides Faster Development and Delivery of RIA

If you have been in the web designing industry for a while now, you are no doubt aware of how important it is to enhance user-interaction on your website. Microsoft Silverlight offers web designers effective features to create enhanced browser and RIA media experiences, by helping them in the production of rich applications for the Internet, with top notch video quality, high performing elements and many interactive features.

Web designers can use this platform to develop and implement user applications for any business category. By using this platform to create applications, web designers can develop a website that provides a great range of functionalities that will render all business applications easy to use.

As a web designer you can create a virtual print view, offering the possibility to view and print documents directly from the website. You can resize forms and validate them, as well as choosing to integrate other useful business operations. This platform can help you create great forms with specific features required by the business you are creating the website for.

The platform provides web designers with a complete set of tools, which can divide the development phases into different modules, which in turn offers an efficient way to create and test a website. It will also help during the customization process making it more responsive.

The platform offers a series of sophisticated and new tools to create great media experiences that are both attractive and extremely interactive. The webcam and microphone support will help improve interaction for businesses for sharing videos and communication purposes, which can be interaction with customers and chat services.

Web designers can integrate new features during the application phase, which can provide the website with services such as sending videos via email or recording voices, as no server interaction is necessary for these types of recordings.

How many times have you spend endless hours having to insert text, data and images into various applications? With Silverlight this process has made life much easier and offers you a drag and drop, copy and paste tool for easy incorporation of data in any application of your choice.

You can use this platform offline if you are working with applications you trust and sandboxed applications. This is an advantage as web designers can create an application that allows users a fast runtime download, without having to create an additional application.

As far as sandboxed applications are concerned, there is a better integration of HTML code as well as content within the browser, with added support that enables faster pop-up notifications in the desktop feature, providing end users with real time feedback.

With trusted applications, people using the website will have the possibility of accessing other Microsoft programs to create internal reports, and will be able to use more interactive shopping applications offered within the website, and write or read files to their document files and image files.

Web designers with some experience can glean great creation possibilities with Silverlight, allowing users to take advantage of a better browser and user experience, which will provide a beneficial interaction and enhanced benefits.




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