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How old is your design?

Quite often people put up a website and fail to update and refresh it. Too often you look at a website, and you see they last updated last sometime previous. I have recently been on a few that were last updated in 2005. I guess they are still getting visitors even though the information they put out there, is years out of date.

Keeping your website up to date and fresh is important in more than one way. The information needs to be kept abreast of the times as does the technology used to build the website.   It is very doubtful if a website in 2005 can be viewed by the latest cellphone technology. The codes used nowadays are far more updated and faster than the code that was written in years gone by.

There are several ways to make the updating of a website easier. The first thing to do is work out what your visitors are looking for on your website. If you have the proper analytical tools installed these should be giving you the search words used that bring them there and how long your visitors are staying. They should also tell you how deep into your website your visitors are exploring. This gives you the general direction in which your website can be expanded.

Check how your overall website is working. Is the menu working properly? Could it do with an overhaul? If you aren’t using JavaScript it might be a good idea to check into some jQuery menus.

If your website is working as far as visitors are concerned you don’t want to change the brand you have established more, or they will rebel. The working bits might need a few newer images and a little more dash. Chances are if it’s an older website, it is built in Html and is pretty static. You might like to introduce a slide show, and archives for older articles and put some up to date information on the site. Put in things like twitter feed and do some links to your social networking areas as well as give them an opportunity to subscribe to RSS feed.

If you haven’t got a favicon for your brand as yet, it’s time to do it.  This establishes that you are here to stay and helps to keep the brand going. I am never in favor of redoing your branding. It’s something the public associate you with, and they will remember that. Consider what a fuss the public made when Gap changed their logo. In a smaller way, this will also apply to you.

Your stats will come into play again to check which areas of your websites aren’t working well. If its not drawing visitors you need to reevaluate it to work out what is wrong with that area. These either need to be removed or remodeled to draw visitors.

Each and every website has to be worked on, on its own merits. No two are ever the same.

You need to ascertain what your visitors are wanting from you and expand on it.

The amounts of niches on the internet are as many as there are people. It’s a case of finding yours, and once you have established your audience you need to expand on it and keep their interest by giving them more info on a regular basis. RSS feed will notify them when you have updated anything.

Give them a way to contact you either by comments on your blog or by email.

Make sure your website isn’t overcrowded and confusing but has plenty of space between items. You also need to make sure your photos and other graphics are well tagged for the spiders.

Your Navigation points must be clear and well sign posted to avoid confusing your public.


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