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How to achieve simplicity?

Everybody is trying to achieve simplicity, as they say less is more but few of them know the actual meaning of it. Some people think that by removing excess stuff, they can make things simple. Content writers think that by reducing the size of an article, simplicity can be achieved.

Web designers think that by removing unwanted decorations they can achieve simplicity. But reducing the size or design is not exactly simple.  Filling just enough information, which is required, is known as simplicity.

If you are a designer then reducing design elements won’t makes things simple, to achieve simplicity, one must put enough information, which is required at that scenario. Below we are going to discuss some ideas and tips, which can help you in achieving simplicity.

Presenting a single idea

Many designers and artists around the world are constantly trying to create a simple design. To achieve simplicity, one must concentrate on a single idea. Working on a single idea will help you concentrating on the main motives. In this way, people can stay focused on a particular task, and later they can move to the next step, which can turn into something big and beautiful.

If you design a button for sending messages and you name it as GO or SUBMIT NOW, then both of them are not attractive, and they are not even depicting a clear message. But, if you name that button as ‘Send Message’, then it will become more clear that this button is made for sending messages.

The idea behind this logic is simple, you must work with binary approach, which means that you must leave users with two choices, yes or no. This binary approach is very important, and it plays a major role while creating more complex designs. Binary approach helps you in achieving simplicity, which is important in every design. Therefore, a single idea mainly consists of:

a.    Binary approach

This approach leaves the user with two clear choices, either yes or no.

b.    Plain language

Language is very important while creating anything. Plain and simple language helps you in communicating with various users. Plain language will help in making the design simple and easy to use.

Improving clarity

After presenting a single idea, one must remember to improve clarity. Sending out a short and clear message is important. For example, if you are developing an application, then creating an attractive and appealing application is not enough, you must load some features, which will highly interest the users. You must not fill useless information or features, which will confuse the users, and at last they will move on without even bothering to check good features.

Information is required to make the topic interesting, but if you write too much about the same topic, then readers will eventually skip it and move on to the next section. This is where clarity is so important. You must give information very carefully, elaborating too much will destroy the beauty, and cutting too much will also ruin everything.

Points mentioned below will help you in improving clarity:

a.    Starting and ending points

Always make sure that starting and ending points should be attractive and appealing at the same time.

b.    Be focused

People sometime get carried away with the flow. Nowadays, everybody loves to get engaged with short things. Always try to be focused.

c.    Clear directions

If you want to guide someone to next steps, then guide carefully with clear instructions.

Be consistent

If you are a developer then consistency is really important. Some applications are handled by new users who want to use a simple application for a long time. Some users are long time users, and they want upgrades, which can be mastered easily. Consistency will help you in creating such application, which can be used by everyone. Consistency is very important, if you want a simple design because complex changes every time will leave the users blank. Therefore, if you want something simple and attractive then you must bring consistency in your design.

When we are talking about consistency, we are actually talking about the interface of any application. Some applications have an easy to use interface, and even after getting several updates, the overall interface remains the same.

Complex designs are also good, but they must be kept for complex problems. Users generally get confused while using complex things, and without a proper instruction manual they can’t operate it.

Some points which helps in maintaining consistency:

a.    Similar routines 

Always remember to use same process, which you used for earlier designs, this will help in maintaining the simplicity and consistency.

b.    Pattern of creation 

When you create something, which is inspired by previous versions, then always remember to keep the interface similar, this will help people while operating any application.

c.    Breaking up the rules 

Sometimes, we must break some rules so that we can come up with better designs. To achieve simplicity, it’s not important to follow every single rule, you must break some rules to create something attractive and innovative.

Therefore, simplicity can be achieved by implementing a single core idea with improved clarity and consistency. If these three rules are achieved then attaining simplicity is possible. Always remember that removing anything is not simplicity. Adding enough information at the right time is simplicity. If you are a designer or a writer then simplicity is the best thing, which you can offer to your clients. Simplicity can be achieved in everything we do in our day to day life.


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