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How to build reputation in freelancing business

There are various freelancers working for more than one clients. These freelancers are not limited to any particular type of work or client, they are very comfortable with any kind of work that they have been offered. Especially, designers and developers are not having any fixed clients, they take work related to designing from any client, because their main aim is to increase their income.

Not only designers, but writers are also having the same mentality. However,  the main question is that whether this working method is right or not. Some experts believe that this system will give you good income in your starting days, but later it will diversify your focus.

The wrong way to do your job

Many freelancers think that they will have to chase every client to get work. Freelancing is an open market, competition is getting tougher day by day, but that doesn’t mean that you should chase every client related to your field.

Every field of work have a certain target audience. The main thing is to reach out and find that target audience, which can give you proper job that will be the most appropriate for you. You must find those who require freelancers to work with them on certain projects, the projects that require your expertise. Convince them that you are the right person who can successfully complete this job. Look for clients who need projects similar to your field.

Right ways to do freelancing

Below we are going to discuss 5 steps, which will help you in finding the right kind of job for you. If you are a freelancer, and you want to make a reputation in this market, then these 5 points will help you a lot.

1.    Concentrate on one genre

As a freelancer, you must understand that getting good at everything is not important. There are various mediocre freelancers available who can complete the job, but they won’t achieve the perfection. If you want to gain a good reputation, then you must select a niche on which you can work perfectly.

Clients love to deal with freelancers, who can deliver high quality error free work. Along with good quality, one must also respect deadlines. Freelancing industry is completely dependent on trust and deadlines, if you know how to respect deadline, then you will definitely gain positive feed-back.

Delivering faultless work always earns respect from your clients. Therefore, freelancers must understand the importance of selecting a proper niche. You may find it difficult to find suitable clients for you, but once you start working properly, the clients will search for you in no time.

2.    Go deep into your subject 

Always try to specify your job details. For example, if you are a writer and you specialize in writing travel articles, then super niche your interest by writing only American travel articles. This will help you in finding specific clients who can get better work from you.

You may think that this won’t work, but believe me this idea will definitely get you more work than ever. There are various clients who want freelancers who specializes in particular subjects. Therefore, mastering any particular subject or niche is the best strategy, which can help you in making a successful career in freelancing.

3.    Finding the right audience 

Freelancers completely depend on target audience. As a designer,  you must understand that your designs must connect with the users. Understanding your target audience is important for you and your business. If a business is not getting a huge amount of target audience, then you must switch your job.  To understand this business better, you must research on net, try to find out various fields of work and see what interest you the most.

You must be wondering that target audience is not so important, but think again, the freelancing market is actually working because of target audience. If there is no target audience then there will be no demand for freelancers. So understating the nature of work and target audience related with your work is very crucial.

4.    Focus on work

Now when you have defined your limits and boundaries, you must not stop taking work from other clients. This is a freelancing world, and if you don’t take the job then someone else will do it. Competition is very high and achieving success is very tough. Money is always important and every one of us is working to earn some decent amount of money. Therefore, it’s always better to work with few clients, but getting regular work and good money is also important.


If you have ever played dart game, then you will understand the above mentioned concepts easily. In dart game, you have to throw darts on the board, if you get the bull’s eye then you score high, but if you miss, then also you are going to score some points for hitting other areas of dart board.

Other areas of dart board are like other clients, who can still provide you money, but you should always aim for the red area, which is known as bull’s eye. Always try to earn maximum points but never underestimate the power of other areas.

If you are serious about your work, then start following these points today. You will feel the effects straight away. Freelancing is not tough, but with a huge competition, freelancing market is getting pretty unpredictable. Therefore, if you have something different to offer, then you can easily stand out in the crowd.


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