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How to Choose the right Fonts and Typefaces

As a web designer you are no doubt aware of the importance of fonts and typefaces, and these come in all sizes and shapes for you to adapt and select according to the audience of your website. You should use fonts and typefaces to stir particular emotions in readers, as well as giving a well-defined meaning to the context.

Obviously, the amazing range of typefaces can be overwhelming and difficult to choose from, however you should not let this surpass your judgment, and if you follow a few steps in this guide you will find it easier to select the right typeface for your web pages.

Typography can be classified into four different groups: sans serifs, serifs, scripts and decorative typefaces. This will help you get a general idea of how these different types are classified for a specific use.

With the sans serif typeface you have the possibility of conveying a straightforward style, devoid of excessive decorative elements. These characters are easy to read, whatever size you choose for your content and headlines. They will allow you to show content in a concise and effective manner, which will not necessarily trigger off any emotional reactions for readers.

Nowadays with the trend of minimalist and modern web design, more and more web designers are using sans serif, as if fits in with the simple and straightforward design. Although this typeface works well to convey direct and useful information on your web pages, you should pay careful attention when using it to create brand titles or brand identity, as it does lack in providing an individual and specific identity, which is recognizable from the rest.

Typefaces such as script have been created from the imitation of handwriting styles. These obviously introduce a human element to the typefaces and connect more intimately with the readers. These typefaces can range from elegant forms of writing to childish writing styles. These typefaces can be used to create formal and elegant content for a certain audience type, or even for decidedly less formal purposes, such as fun websites, focusing on more imaginative readers.

Serif typefaces are used if you want to create more decorative content, as these are more ornamental. You can use them to reinforce your design style as well as themes using larger sizes, for headlines or other headings. They are attention grabbing and can be used to portray emotions focusing on a particular type and period in time.

Due to the intricacy of their characters, they are not really suitable if you have a lot of content on your web site. So avoid this typeface for business reports or other neutral content, which should not evoke any kind of emotions, as it is simply factual content.

When it comes to choosing a typeface make sure you keep note of the established conventions that are established for the various mediums. Although conventions may be ignored, you should be aware of what the rules are as a web designer, as these to help focus on the audience needs and requirements.


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