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How to get noticed among the top websites

In any field of work, getting some recognition is very important, it boosts your confidence and moreover you also get some clients who will pay you. Many freelance designers want to get listed on top websites. There are various artists present who spend considerable amount of time on creating something different and beautiful, and if they are getting some free publicity then they can earn some money also. Some artists can even earn money by attracting more and more users.

You may have noticed that various writers post some articles on various blogs, and soon after a certain period of time you can notice several blogs from the same writer. This is a complete chain reaction. If any writer is getting good response from users then various blogging website will like articles from that same person. But the main thing is that blogger should posses such qualities which can easily make him/her famous.

Getting some attention is not tough. All you have to do is get some free publicity and showcase your work in many areas. Well, this process is definitely popular but this won’t happen instantly, it takes some time to become famous on various blogging website.

Blogging is not having any boundaries. All you have to do is get more publicity, and soon you will discover that millions of users are reading your blogs daily. This sounds really easy, but in reality things are little different. First of all, you will have to produce something different and interesting, which should attract a lot of users. If you are having some special skills, then this article will definitely help you. Below w are going to discuss some points, which will help you in exposing your work.

Go online and show it to the world

If you can really write well, and you are having special skills then you must post your work on websites. This step is really important because there are various freelance writers in this world who can’t get famous because they have not uploaded their work. Internet will give you the desired exposure which can help you in future. There are various online websites who helps various aspiring writers to showcase their work.

Starting a blog will really help you a lot. You can constantly update your posts, and if users will like your work then they can follow you on facebook and twitter. But this task is not easy, updating regular updates will become a very boring activity within few days, and you won’t feel like writing any more.

But on the other hand, users like blogs because they know that if they want any particular information, then they won’t have to search a lot. Blogs are great because they can give you some real time information about various things going on around us.

The main thing is that, if you are a writer, then you must try to find a platform where you can show your work. You will gain experience and exposure at the same time.

Go for personal projects

If you know how to write and create something special, then working on personal projects will help you a lot. You can get your work online and moreover you can earn money by attracting various customers.

Personal projects are having endless benefits, and it keeps you up to date with the market. You can get more viewers who will appreciate your work. These viewers can later turn out to be potential clients. Starting a personal project might seem a very tough task, but soon you will get used to it. After starting a project, you will notice the amount of crowd reading your thoughts and appreciating your quality of work.

Engage with other projects

If you don’t want to start your own project, then you can engage in other projects. There are various websites which conducts free competitions, where you can get the opportunity to showcase your work without paying anything. All these competitions are a great way to get noticed by other members. Once you have grabbed some attention, then you can easily get recognized by your work. This may sound a lot of work, but if you are having right set of skills, then these things won’t take much of your time.

Participating in various projects will also give you enough experience, and you can also evaluate your quality. If you want to gain popularity then you will have to be really active, and you should always participate in competitions organized by various blogging websites.

Marketing by email

If you want to promote your work, then you will have to promote yourself a lot. Email can help you a lot in promoting yourself. All you have to do is send an email with a link which stores the address of your article. Send this email to as many people as possible. After sometime, you will notice that some peoples are already reading and liking your article. This technique is very useful because users never miss an opportunity to read things which is creative and interesting.

Don’t make flash portfolio

If you think that portfolio made in flash will increase your popularity, then you are absolutely wrong because, nobody like to waste their time by viewing a flash portfolio.

It’s better to write a simple blog and provide a link to various emails. Simplicity is the key of success. Even if you are writing, always try to write an informational article rather than fluff decorated with beautiful words. Always try to break your writing style into small paragraphs, and use of bullet points and subheadings should be done in a proper way. Many new bloggers are having a misconception that heavy dictionary words will make their article good. But in reality, bloggers who write in simple language have gained more popularity than others.

If you think that these are the only methods by which you can promote yourself then you are wrong. You can also come with unique ideas which worked out for you.


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