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How to grow a community?

Growing a web community is essential to being a successful host. As in any other discipline experts have researched the effectiveness of community camaraderie on web culture and have made some startling discoveries worth sharing. It is important, however, to be able to know how to grow such a net work efficiently so that it can produce the results you desire. Bear in mind that it takes dedicated work.
Stu Green; Jacob Gube; Alex Krug; Nate Kontny and Sam Yagan have all testified to how successful building a community is to website culture and the industry as a whole. In this article, they have made proposals, which are very useful to stalwarts in the industry that are considering building a community.

Stu Green

Stu is a renowned United Kingdom Web designer who has infiltrated the industry with a wealth of knowledge building a website community. His expertise spans across the field of freelancing web techniques. The masterpieces of his works include Project and Invoice Bubble. Take a look of the web page and feel free to browse the different features. There is a video for you to watch, which can further relate how these techniques could be applied.

Jacob Gube

Jacob Gube is the founder of six Revisions. This is another web designer with envious skills in community building and marketing. To date, he has a web audience of over 1.5m per month. This is phenomenal! Besides, he has successfully developed one of the leading blogs in the industry. It consists of over 50,000 web designers and developers sharing their views while contributing to the industry’s expansion. Take a look at the web design he has created, which keeps visitors ever browsing.

Alex Krug

Alex is the Vice President of Platform at Behance. Take a quick look at the web forum for this community. Precisely, this platform is responsible for designing products and services for designers empowering creativity and will to move forward in the industry. It is very heartening to realize that there are folks in this industry that are so committed to offer such motivation to other designers.
Take a quick tour of the site and you would find that there is room for creativity in the Alice in the wonderland caption. Then, comes some serious innovation when seen from the perspective of Corporate America and thirdly a little less rigidity the platform in itself.

Nate Kontny

Kontny is an astute researcher in the field of community building. He is the CTO for Inkling Markets, which actually is America’s most promising Startup software. Precisely, it collaboratively collects predictions and opinions regarding trend sin the industry. What a relevant contribution to the science. Take a look at the website which offers you market predictions as you hear what everyone has to say.

Sam Yagan


He is the founder of OkCupid.com. By now you should know that this is the fastest growing free online dating site in the world with more than a million users. Of course he is a very successful entrepreneur. Take a look at his dating site and pick his brain on how to start a web community that is economically viable.


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