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How to Market yourself


If you think you’re worth a job then you need to take some time out and think of some marketing strategies for yourself; give it a shot it’ll be worth the effort. The process is as simple as for a business.

Start with the brand name; this is the name not the logo. Remember a logo is always a visual whereas a name is what people will identify you with. Think very carefully; I know this is just the start but the start determines what you will be for the rest of your life. Taking opinions of peers and friends is always a good idea.

Launch yourself on all digital media aka social networks. Make your presence felt out there before you launch large sale. But, prior to that, you need to make sure that you’re fully equipped with all the business cards and other marketing tools. This enhances your credibility.

Next, try to spot the best people to work with. You could be making a journey from a small job to a bigger one. Prepare a list of people you would like to work for. You could use professional networks to hunt them down or you could log on to Hoovers, which will give you just the result of companies you want. If you would want to save all that effort then simply get hold of the book that contains all the local addresses of the companies in your region.

Your colleagues, preferably alumni are already working for someone; keep in touch with them, this network opens up avenues of opportunities for you.

Once you’ve started getting calls and stuff make sure you make a record of them all; you wouldn’t want to miss out on a lucrative opportunity because you forgot how you two spoke and what did you talk about.

Now focus on what you’re selling and how you’re going to sell it. Whatever it is make sure it is something subtle; people wouldn’t want to waste enormous time conducting meetings with a guy who sells. They’d like to see a link or website where they could simply contact you. Once they have a glimpse of what you do they’ll contact you themselves.

Using free email servers is a big no-no. Refrain! Spend in a few good bucks and end up with a professional ID, something that has your business name as the domain.

Once you’ve sent your link to a number of people they’ll have to click on it and then view it which is why most of them would opt out of it. What should you do then? Simple, snail mail; yes, it’s the old thing back in the ring. Use Photoshop to create the images and then you’re on the roll.

When it comes to marketing you have to make quite an effort to be noticed; starting with a blog is a very good idea. Creatively put up the content of your business and then see how things move for you. Have you ever tried volunteering? If not then this is your chance; go for it and make yourself publicly visible to the people out there. Volunteer for an art event or something and get people to know you.

Another famous gig is to write for a certain publication that people have been going on about; if your name makes it till there you’ve got a lot of votes coming in.

The aforementioned may be free forms but it’s sad to know that the paid versions are slightly more effective. Have you tried Google Ads; they get millions of clicks per day, so I guess investing in a few bucks for a limited wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Or you could start cold calling. I know this thought is as freakish as the job itself but it’s worth a try. There’s a whole way on how to go about getting your prospect just the way you want.


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