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How to Minimize Distractions and Procrastination

How many amongst us have found time to take care of any issue, as checking lists, browsing through the internet, reading interesting articles, anything rather than get on with more bothersome tasks, projects included.

Putting off issues we do not really favor is a common trait with freelancers working on the Internet, as it is easy to find yourself leaving work for the next day and taking care of other, more interesting activities.

If you want your profession to be profitable, you must recognize these periods of delay and keep them under check. If you follow a few rules, you can get your work flowing and your dedication focused on the tasks that should be done.

The key word is motivation. Believe it or not the financial reward does not seem to be enough to motivate freelancers in finishing a project. You need to keep your concentration going and focus on the task you have planned.

An important element to consider, are your goals. Do not plan out daily tasks that are simply unachievable. Some freelancers plan out more than ten tasks per day, while others can only cope with one or two projects. Whatever works well for you, as long as you can keep your mind on the task, is fine. What you need to keep in mind is keeping up to date with your daily tasks only.

You may plan ahead for the weeks to come, and there is nothing wrong with longer scheduled plans. However, keep in mind that you can only work on a daily basis, so do not over estimate your possibilities.

Try to assess how long a certain task will take, as some particular tasks may require more than one day to work on. With these particular tasks, you can divide them in subcategories and work at each part daily. Allow yourself extra time for more complicated tasks that may require more time than you have estimated.

When you do start the day, and have planned which project you will be working on, get straight to work and focus on the completion of the task set. Allow yourself to take regular breaks in order to keep up your concentration.

Not everyone has the same time schedule during which they work best. The time is not the point here, it is the amount of time you dedicate to your work and how focused you are.

How many of us take a quick break to check our emails, our facebook page or other distractions the Internet provides? Although you may think it is only a few minutes, it usually goes on for longer, and getting your concentration back on your work is more difficult.

Get to work with a clear idea of what you will be focusing on that day, be it wire framing, Photoshop, sketching or any other task and keep your mind on that task until you have finished.

Once you have fixed yourself a task schedule and concentrate on your work without stalling, you will be surprised at the amount of work you can achieve.




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