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How to Promote Your Brand on Social Networks as a Freelancer

Brands are not necessarily an exclusive mark for companies; they may also represent an individual freelancer. A brand is an important element that marks your professionalism and represents you every time you come into contact with people and potential clients.

Each time you provide a service or help someone out with some useful advice you are establishing your professionalism through your brand, and this will allow people to recognize you immediately. All connection and communication you have when you work with a brand, will help you attract new clients and provide you with a solid and powerful means to get yourself known to the public.

Branding your profession with the use of social media is one of the most powerful means to get your profession going. If you are a freelancer aiming at branding your profession you should use social networking to establish your brand and increase your client portfolio.

Your brand name is one of the most important elements when working on your marketing strategy, as it differentiates your work from all the other freelancers on the market. It also allows potential customers to recognize you at a glance and implies you are a professional.

A brand is not a mere logo; it provides information on your professional attributes and values. People will know what your brand stands for when they see it and all that goes with it. It also implies that you are a specific freelancer and can provide better service than others.

It is important to create the right type of brand that will allow your potential clients to identify you for what you are. Your brand should be a symbol that can be easily identified by your target audience, or a specific name and tagline.

Brands are usually categorized in two different brand types, wither professional or personal. A professional brand usually represents a company composed of one or more people, while a personal brand is one that uses your name to recognize you individually. This can be a difficult choice for freelancers as both types of brands have advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you feel that your name will carry your profession more than a symbol or logo, then a personal brand is a better choice as people can relate to your name more easily as the fact that they trust you as a person will attract more clients. There are however, disadvantages to personal brands as this does not permit you to establish a predetermined time for your business as a company brand would have.

A professional brand will allow you to be a real business, which can include other people in your team. You can use a company logo in order to be recognizable as a company or an image that will help people identify your company with your industry. You can of course use both personal and professional brands for one same aim, but this can get complicated and may ruin your personal image if your company logo has a problem.

Whatever you do, when branding your profession on the social network, be consistent and make sure you provide coherent information to all users, as social networking offers a great marketing potential, but can also backfire if it is not used properly.


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