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How To Protect Your Site From Hackers?


For starters, you should know that there is a strange world out there that feeds on other people’s hard work. Yes, I’m referring to a very illegal way of accessing data called hacking. It is important that you know there is no such thing as a hack proof website; nobody has ever been able to develop anything as such until the date. However, you should always armor yourself well in case of such a misfortune.

The Attacker

Your host and operating software if discovered by a certain hacker then your system is sure to fall prey in his hands. Which is why it is deemed wise to opt for such a host that will protect you; this is especially true if you’re using a shared host.

Just to provide the ease to users, websites have incorporated a lot of features where you’re allowed to take a look into the site to such a point that you can manipulate it. Hackers feed on such sites; the interaction allows them to enter the website all the way down to its server.

What Happens When The Attacker Attacks?

Hacking is such a crude game; they go along such lines that you fail to understand how’d they do it. If he’s an expert then be prepared for the worst. They will attack you when you have absolutely no way of taking back control on your page.
1.    Defacement
This is basically an act performed on high profiles such as those related to the government or celebrities. They are either attempted in order to retaliate, or it’ll just be an act, they gain pleasure from.
2.    Bypass Authority
Hackers access your clone and end up making a replica of it or simply destroy it.
3.    Injecting SQL
The hacker in this case will start putting in SQL questions in the most non suspicious manner and extract all your details, which are unavailable to all the users of the page. Then you’re doomed for sure!
4.    Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
This phenomenon occurs through a virus. It will appear very naturally. All of a sudden, you’ll have a pop up in front of you, and then you’ll be taken to another page. However, this can be prevented if you validate the data you enter.

The Security Guy

Recent times have called on amazing treats such as third party applications; they allow you to put your trust with your page security to a third guy. Either, you could opt for them, or you could simply formulate your own modules.

Run your site through various hack tests in order to ensure its safety and protection.

When Is Your Website At Its Peak?
Even when you’re away from your PC you can still check on how your site is doing. You can receive updates on your traffic through SMS or Email from SiteUptime service; you’ll immediately be informed if your site is unavailable. You could also avail similar services from companies such as HostTracker, Internetseer and WebsitePulse.

Still Hacked?

One thing I can assure you of is that it’s not the end of the world if your site is hacked despite all the measures. Connect with your FTP and if you’re successful try changing the password and prevent your site from incurring any possible damages. However, if you fail to connect to the FTP immediately alarm the authorities and your issue shall be dealt with soon.

Stay Updated

One thing you should know of is the fact that when you’re updated, you prevent any loopholes from occurring n your page; keep your versions up-to-date. This prevents a great deal of mess from occurring on your page.


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