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How to Re-design Your Logo

Logos are an important aspect and image for a company or a single professional and allow the public and potential clients to identify you amongst the competitors within your industry. It is important to create a logo that can have an impact, and at times it may be necessary to redesign the logo if you feel it does not have the power to attract clients as you had thought it would have.

It is then the time to redesign your logo for a better impact or simply because it is time to give it a trendier look. The redesigning process can be just as difficult as the actual creation process and you need to consider a few issues before proceeding.

Ask yourself a few essential questions when you do decide to change your logo to make sure you get it right. Which are the elements you should not change? How many changes do you wish to make? And most important of all, will people still recognize you or your company behind the changes?

Once these points are clear you can then go ahead and make the changes, with some of these ideas to help you make sure logo a successful one.

Reshape your logo keeping a simple design in mind, for nowadays the trend is for minimalistic design and it will work well as it is more direct. Take away all elements that overcharge your design and may create a sense of uncertainty about what it is you wish to promote. A simple design is easily recognizable and many greatly benefit your brand. You can for example avoid text if you are currently using it for your logo or simply keep the text and take the design out.

You may decide to change the font, which makes for a subtle but effective change. This will work if you think your logo does not really need much more as far as stripping down is concerned. Changing fonts will help you attract a determined type of potential client, as different fonts appeal to different demographic categories. If the font in your logo was a more classic style as you wished to attract a more mature public and are now changing your trend to the younger generation, you may consider opting for a sans-serif typeface.

Redesign with minimalism in mind and consider redesigning your logo completely by changing what you have into something simpler. It is quite common for logos to be a bit confusing and overpowering and too generic. Try and strip down all elements that overload the logo and create a unique symbol that speaks for itself.

Create a more modern version of your original logo that will be more direct and appealing. You can also work on color changes, as these play an extremely important role in the appeal of a design. A different color may dictate the success of your brand as it conveys specific emotions.

Keep in mind what it is you wish to convey as an emotion and then pick your color. Red colors are warmer and transmits a sense of energy, while blue is a cooler and more welcoming color. A color change can be made subtly or even drastically, depending on what it is you wish to focus on.




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