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How to Resolve the Problem with your Client

A relation ship with a client always starts very well. The both partners are excited to work together, they are eager to make a new site or other amazing things. Well, I am sure that I am not telling you something new. I am sure that you have experienced this situation at least once. What I am trying to do here is to try to give you some clues to resolve this annoying situation.
One of the most important causes of this situation is communication. In a relation with a client communication is vital. I can say that it is more important than your skills. At the beginning of the project communication starts very well, but as the project is going on, communication shifts slowly.

At the beginning, the client considers you a professional, and it behaves accordingly. As the project is progressing and the design mock-up starts to come in the play, client starts to consider you a person who sells a product. And this moment your client is not listening to your advice anymore and, more on, he will start to ask you to make some changes because he considers that the site will look better.
It is not easy to avoid this situation but with a little effort you can do this. Try to chat with your client periodically. Try to meet him in person, but you can also phone him. However, don’t send him emails to discuss the problems and issues related to the project. While you are talking to your client use a friendly voice and don’t forget to smile. Let your client know that he is very important for the project. Use a diplomatic tone when you are explaining him what is not working all right. Using an offensive and confrontational tone is an awful mistake, so try to keep your temper and explain to him patiently why some of his ideas are not beneficial for the project.

It is also very important to judge things from your client’s perspective. Try to remember that your tastes don’t count very much now. The key is to be always friendly, polite, firm and confident. It is true that sometimes it doesn’t matter how friendly, confident and polite you are. The relations with some clients are predisposed to a bad end almost from the very beginning. No matter what you would say you cannot repair the situation. It doesn’t matter what strategies you adopt-your client will never change. In this case, you must remain calm and friendly, too. It is a must. If you will start to argue with him and the project finishes in flame you can be sure that your client will boast everywhere how awful you treat your clients and what a bad professional you are. So, don’t lose your temper and think that you must protect your image. Your manager and your fellows know that you are a very good professional with special skills. However, don’t forget that most of the people don’t know this. So it is a pity to spoil your special brand image just because you had the bad luck to meet and to work with an impossible person.


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