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How to Take a Vacation from Freelancing?

Are you willing to take a vacation from your strenuous freelance life? You have work? You can’t afford a vacation right now? That was so expected! What if I told you that you could? You’d fall down on my feet in gratitude? I’d love it!
I know for freelancers it’s practically impossible to vacation; who’s going to run the show for you if you’re not there? However, you should also know that if you d not vacation you will exhaust yourself much faster.

Here’s how you can go on a vacation:

1.Get Done With Your Work Much Sooner

Submit all your work in time and tell your clients that you’ll be away for vacations but make yourself available in case of emergencies. You can sleep late and wake up late without having to worry about turning in an assignment.

Your clients will be very happy with an early submitted assignment and will consider you at the top of their contractors and will definitely look forward to working with you again.

2.Delegate the Work To Your Team

If you have a team, delegate them the task you received while you can grab that rest. Ask them to submit it to you; you can proofread the assignment before you submit it back to the client.

3.Inform Prior to Vacations

Let your clients know at least a month prior to your vacations that you wouldn’t be available for any work for the following month or so. Do not make the mistake of informing them two days before your departure; you are very likely to be dismissed from the job.

4.Let A Freelancer Cover For You

If your project is impossible to manage make sure that you have hired a freelancer who’s ready to work for you. Have him on this work before you leave for your vacation so that it’s easy and stress relieving for you. You will still need to be in contact with your work flow to make sure you do not miss out on anything important with your client and that your freelancer is working according to the guidelines.


Get your client to hire somebody you know. If you’ve been a good freelancer then it is very likely that your referral will be considered. Do not just pick any random person; rather, make sure you’ve worked with him and is as wonderful as yourself.

6.Take Your Work With You

When you feel that getting off work is impossible just simply take your work with you. Stay on your mails and carry around your laptop. Enjoy the beauty of your vacation while you’re still at work. However, let them know that you wouldn’t be working for those long strenuous hours, but you’ll still be meeting their deadlines.

Use anyone of the mentioned ways to take an off from work for a while and relax in the arms of nature. The work stress can have a devastating impact on your mind, and it’s healthy to get away from it for a while.


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