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How to transform visitors into subscribers

Every website aims to increase traffic by improving visibility of their websites. But this does not naturally imply that the revenue for the website has increased. An apt analogy may be found in a shopping scenario. The shop may receive plenty of visitors but how many of them actually buy things is dependent on what the shop has to offer. But the first step to getting subscribers is to ensure a steady stream of visitors. Thereafter optimize your website to convert them into regular subscribers.

Meanwhile these are a few tips to help your website become successful in netting improved revenue levels:

1.    Make your website user friendly. This may done in the following ways:

•    Make sure you include a phone number or address that is visible prominently on your site- preferably in your title. This threads a human element into the website and indicates that you are a real living entity and not a virtual personality that can only be accessed online. Offering a phone number will increase the number of visitors significantly. Transform yourself into a real person in a digital world. The client should feel as comfortable as walking into an actual office.
•    Make your order or query forms simple to use and error free. Forms form a base for interaction with clients. If this interaction is riddled with mistakes or leads to a dead-end, you will lose the opportunity of fixing the client. Forms should be simple to understand and easy to fill out. The nature of the forms will vary depending on the nature of the website.

Forms could be enquiry forms, or order forms. Other details can always be supplied or discussed later. Forms loaded with complicated jargon or geek speak will put off clients very easily. Remember there are plenty of competitors to nibble away at your share of customers.
•    Offer visual images as opposed to reams of boring text to add information to your client. Pictures speak louder and clearer than words so show him the designs that you have produced. At the end of the day, designing is a visual medium and your work will speak for itself.

2.    Impress your visitor with a professional approach. This means:

•    Making sure the content is error free. This includes spelling errors, grammatical errors and typos. A single ‘silly’ mistake can mar the opinion of the visitor. So make it word and visual perfect.
•    Other common mistakes include broken links (links which don’t lead anywhere), imperfect phraseology and imperfect use of language.
•    Keep your website updated. Design is an evolving subject. Your website should reflect the fact that you keep abreast of developments.

3.    Use Google website optimizer to track your website hits.

Google website optimizer helps to track the nature of all visitor interactions on     your website and you can use this to identify features that are working well and     those that are putting off readers. This works as a very effective feedback     mechanism.




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