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How useable is your website?

The most beautiful website in the world can be totally useless if it isn’t well organised with a good flow of design. All elements of your design need to be well integrated with a clearly articulated menu.

The need for your website to be totally clear in design with easy to follow steps that are well annotated as to what each contains is extremely important.

Here, I anticipate presenting a clear differentiation between what is supposed by most to be attractive in designing and what is actually beautiful, with few steering values to aid designers today to build websites whose splendour is not phony, but rather perks up and augments the experience of the user.

What makes a design beautiful?  There are several items, which can make a website fall into the beautiful category. By exercise the use of effects like reflections and drop shadows you can take a website to a new level.

Whether or not this makes a good website is a moot point. You need far more than just pretty pretties to make a good website. With the advent of CSS galleries, there are several galleries all being on the beautiful side and more and more people seem to try to copy them. I personally am not into sites that are copycats. I really feel anyone who is a designer should be able to come up with their own ideas. ‘Me too’ ideas don’t appeal to me.

There are many of these sites out there nowadays and most of them are very useable. Some are very good indeed but don’t inspire me to immolate them.

Sometimes one is tempted to talk about a project you are busy with explaining something you are trying out. This can lead to many copycats’ items appearing within days as people strive to be the first to implement it on a website. This is something one should never do if you want to present a fresh view to the world. I am aware of the temptation and in fact, have been guilty of talking about a site I am working on myself, luckily without revealing any of the code or what exactly it entails. If you have an idea, keep it to yourself until you are ready to launch it. If you don’t, you have wasted hours of work by diluting the effect.

You need to present a good working navigation system which means it has to be clear cut and items in your search and archives should be well documented and easily found preferably with a photo available to enhance the memory. One of my biggest beefs with some sites is how they hide really pertinent information like how to get hold of them and their support systems.  I realise, the really big websites evolve over time, and things change but this information really should remain stable. Sometimes I feel they almost purposefully hide it so you can’t complain. In actual fact finding that information can be really hard even for someone who is internet savvy.

When you really get down to it, a good website should present the facts in a good attractive way and be very easy to navigate.


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