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How You Should Write for the Web

There is no real secret involved when writing for the web, basically if you already know how to write good content then you have all you really need, and simply have to add a few essential elements that will get your content out to the public to as many readers as possible.

There are however, some mistake you really should avoid when producing web content and other steps you can take to make your writing really effective.

A common mistake that is often present in content is the confusion between it’s and its. To avoid this, write without using contraction forms and ask yourself if you can say “it is” or not. If not then you know which form to use.

Avoid using too much punctuation when writing for the web, as people simply scan web pages and commas cause too many breaks during the page scan, which in turn will irritate the reader. If you need a break in your sentence, cut it short.

Only use one space after a period for web content, for it is not a printed text and is displayed differently on the web pages. So if you have been used to the classic two spaces, forget this form.

This must be said, although it may seem obvious to most, avoid beginning a sentence with yet, and or but. However is better when you are introducing a contrasting concept to a reader or are planning to add a follow up of your previous idea.

Avoid using also too much, as it will be noticed as a flaw when readers browse through your article, as it tends to stand out. Sentences should be kept short and to the point. If you do have a list to display, choose a bullet format. This method will add to the attractiveness of the text in general.

Always use capitals in headlines for all the words, except for prepositions and short conjunctions. Use your headlines generously, as a headline with only two paragraphs that follow stands out better and attract the readers’ attention. Make sure you break up your content, as you really should keep in mind that readers on the web only browse through your writing; this is why headlines are important.

Do not rely solely on your spell checker use your own eyes too. Many spell checkers will not pick out grammar mistakes. For example, if you were planning to write “I then went to work” and wrote “I than went to work” instead, this will not be picked up by the grammar checker. You cannot expect the public to trust your credibility if you cannot even bother to spell properly.

Interaction with readers is an essential issue for web content; this is why you will need to add hyperlinks. If the content relates to a business that offers services or products then use your links to connect other pages of your website to make it easier for your readers to access the information they came to look for. Avoid using too many links to other websites


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