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How’s Your Memory? Is Your Checklist Handy?


The driving force behind task completion, in every industry is the checklist.  Why is it so significant?  The checklist is the only means to eliminate errors.   The human mind can perform many functions, but expecting it to remember every little detail can be a fatal error in judgment.

Oil Changes and Landlords

To demonstrate the importance of a checklist, the first thing that came to mind was getting an oil change.  This is one of the few industries that has a dual checklist.  The first checklist outlines the steps they have taken.  The second checklist advises you of further steps that you need to take.   For example, they let you know you what shape your tires are in and will check a box to let you know when they feel they should be changed.  They also provide a checklist of problems that they predict, you may face in the future.

The other checklist that comes to mind is the checklist completed when moving in to and out of a rental unit.  This is a very detailed checklist, to record every aspect of the unit.  Every flaw is noted, as well as the condition of every item.

The difference between these industries and the majority of the others, is that they share their checklist with you.  Usually checklists are done behind the scenes.

Web Design Checklists

As a web designer, the last thing you ever want to do is forget a step.  This could be devastating to your reputation.  Web designing is complex and more than one checklist  is required.

The initial contact with a client should involve a checklist.  This checklist would list all the possible steps required for each element of the design.  You may need a couple of different checklists ,based on the types of websites you design.

Web Design is constantly changing and being upgraded.  This checklist will always be changing.  You will always be updating this one.

Another useful checklist is to keep track of the mundane repetitive tasks.  Chances are that when you are performing these tasks, you don’t focus on them.  You probably think about other things ranging from what you will have for dinner to your next vacation.  Having a checklist will ensure you don’t miss a simple, but important task.

Types of Checklists

One type of checklist is the master one, which includes everything , you tick off what components are required to create a website.

A second type of checklist is used as a cross reference to tasks after you have completed the task.  This ensures that a step was not forgotten.

A third checklist you will use is a guide checklist.  You will read it step by step before performing each task.  Once the task is completed you will check it off and move on to the next one.

Checklists are not only for employment purposes.  They can be used for anything that you need it for.  If you are constantly forgetting something,  you can use a checklist.  A grocery list is a perfect example.


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