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Implementation of innovations

Are you someone capable of being a total innovator? What is an innovator? An innovator is someone who not only has original thoughts of clever and useful ideas but actually can implement them successfully.

While many people have good ideas often they fail to act on them or maybe don’t have the know how to implement them. It can take great patience to have the idea, let it percolate in your brain and finally manage to work out how to implement it.

The implementation is the crux of the matter. Without implementation that works and is innovative you have nothing but a mess.

Coming up with the idea can be a matter of knowing what you want the website to be about and working from there. I personally find that when I start this way it usually works out well but for me, it takes time. It’s not something that blooms overnight, and I often change my mind and mull over things until it clicks. Each section has to slot into its own place. I seldom do this for someone besides myself as this way of working takes far too long. I am not saying I don’t do innovative things for other people because I do. However, when working for someone else I tend to use things I have already worked out.

Creating from an idea usually means you need a basic theme for something be it travel, clothing, electronics or music or anything else. You require a starting point. When you have the start point you can usually toss your ideas around until something gives you a glimmer. The glimmer is the start of your innovation.

Many innovations have been the start of something some of which have a short lifespan and some of which last forever. When I was thinking of innovation that didn’t seem to last and yet was a good idea at the time, I was thinking of that little extra mirror you used to stick on your door side mirror to see into the blind spot. That was an excellent idea and the person who both made and marketed it for the year, or so it was available had a good product. I guess he made enough money and couldn’t be bothered further.

Usually an innovative idea is something so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before. Once found it’s advisable not to talk about it. This is especially true if you intend to patent the idea. Any idea or product that is going to be patented needs to be totally secret until it’s lodged in the patent office. Doing market research can only come once you have made the model and done the drawings and lodged them with the patent’s office as a prelude to actually patenting it.  Failure to do this means your invention is in open season and can be claimed by anyone or no one.

This of course doesn’t apply to non physical things but inventions are definitely covered in this way.  If you are registering your website for copyright it is similar in a fashion as you have to pay and register it prior to making it public in any form.

One of the biggest problems with inventions is the registration costs.

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  1. Without innovation there is no implementation so always we rae try to innovate what we found.

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