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Importance of icons in website designing

Nowadays, icons are playing a major role in website designing. Designers are constantly focusing on icons, because they are very important for any website. Icons are very important, because users can be motivated by the message conveyed by icons. We have noticed that most of the users try to scan a website when they visit for the first time.

Therefore, we should design a very interactive website which should attract users. With added graphics and display, one must also concentrate on icons. There are various ways by which designers can design an icon. Below we are going to discuss some tips, which should be followed for proper use of icons.

Icons should be used instead of lists

If you are developing a website where you need to showcase all the products and services, which your website will provide, then you can go for listing. But listing will become very boring and time taking. Making a list will definitely annoy users, because nobody likes to waste time on unnecessary things. Therefore, you must come up with various elegant icons, which should be used instead of boring lists. Icons will make the website attractive and elegant at the same time. It also increases the overall interactivity of the website. Websites with proper use of icons will definitely attract more attention.

Icons should be added to represent things

Icons are having a very flexible nature and they can be used in any kind of website. If your website is loaded with various products and services, then icons can be used to denote all the services and products. Icons are best for representing galleries, categories, sub categories and various groups.

You can definitely increase the overall appeal of your website by adding special icons with elegant colors. Icons may sound easy, but developing a unique icon can really twist your mind.

Best for highlighting new and exciting features

Icons are small, but they are having a power to attract attention, therefore icons should be used very intelligently. Web designers must use icons to highlight new features, which should attract user’s attention instantly. By following this method, new features and service won’t have to depend on other publicity. Icons should be designed in a perfect way and it should be placed in areas, which demands high attention. Icons are very important for publicity, and it should be used as a part of marketing strategy.

Showcasing services by icons

If you are maintaining a website, which provides different kinds of services, then icons can help you a lot. By using proper icons, you can showcase your services without putting much effort.

Nowadays, users don’t like to read a lot, and they get maximum information just by viewing the icon, therefore before selection an icon, you must come up with an icon design, which shows similarity with provided services. You must understand your services well. Icons should be selected intelligently otherwise users will get wrong message by viewing those icons.

Use icons instead of headers

If you want to use icons properly then you can use it instead of headers. Icons which are placed instead of headers will definitely look elegant and cool at the same time. If you want to increase the overall appeal of your header, then you can add icons, this will increase the overall quality of the website, and moreover you will also get more attention from users.

Icons enhances the readability

Readability is one of those factors, which determines the success of any website. If your website is having a good readability, then you will definitely gain positive popularity. Some pages in your website may need more attention, because sometimes, web pages appear lifeless and very boring. Lifeless pages will definitely annoy your users, and they may choose to leave your website. Therefore, icons should be used on these pages, which will definitely increase the readability of your pages, and your website will get more attention from users.

Use icons instead of titles

Titles are very important for any website. It makes the website look very informative and beautiful. But sometimes, titles are very boring and lifeless. If you want to increase the charm of titles, then you must add icons, which should be incorporated with a certain style. You must use icons very intelligently, so that they can deliver a meaningful message to their users. Use of icons will make your website look very professional and easy to use. User interface will improve drastically.

Icons with navigation buttons

If you think that your website is lacking improved navigation buttons, then use of icons instead of navigation buttons will definitely make your website easy to use and interesting. Instead of using boring text, you can use an icon which represents the same meaning. But before selecting an icon, you must make sure that each icon should be placed carefully, otherwise users will get confused by interpreting the message incorrectly.

Icons to define clarity

Icons are not only good for conveying a direct message, but they are also good for separating various sections in your website. It can be used to increase the clarity factor in your website.

Icons are small but powerful

Icons are definitely having a very small size, but they are having a special power of increasing the overall quality of your website. You can use several small icons to represent various things in your website. These icons are very effective for increasing the appeal of your website.

Highlighting special points

Sometimes, icons are used to highlight various sections. These sections can be anything. Icons can attract users instantly therefore you should use it carefully, and place it at positions where articles or blog post gets boring. Intelligent use of icons can increase your traffic.

Show creativity while using icons

Icons are definitely useful, but it should be used with creativity to make sure that every message is conveyed in the right manner. Icons convey a special message without even saying a single word, and this is the reason behind its success. But without creativity and proper vision, designers won’t get all the benefits of icons.


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