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Improving communication in freelancing

Career as a freelancer is not so easy, you have to satisfy client’s need, and maintain a very strict deadline. You may work as a freelance writer or a web designer, but the pressure is always constant. It’s better to divide your work as a team, so that each worker gets equal amount of work. Dividing the task will allow you to complete the task within the given time, and moreover you can also increase the overall quality of project. But dividing the task is not so easy, you must ensure that each worker is working on a correct note otherwise the overall quality may deteriorate.

The key to success is communication, to ensure high quality work, you must maintain a good communication between all the workers. If you are having a team of freelance designers and web developers, then it is very important that you should allow each of them to express their creative ideas.

Later, you can come to a common agreement, so that every single freelancer can feel their importance in the team. Below we are going to discuss some of the most important points, which will improve communication between all the workers in a team.

Setting up a meeting place

When you are working alone, you won’t have to think about someone else. But when you start working with a team, understanding every single person becomes very important. Freelancers working with you won’t be able to understand you, until and unless you give them a chance to speak their thoughts. Therefore, setting up a common place where team members can sit and share their thoughts is very important.

Setting up a meeting for at least 30 minutes will be a good idea. Make sure that every single person is sharing their thoughts and creative ideas. If there is any problem in the team, then you must resolve them during that meeting time. You must ensure that you are communicating with every single person, because that will allow your partners to understand you better. One thing you must keep in mind is that the meeting venue should not be changed every time, because that will not be appropriate for your partners. Meetings, which are organized in the same venue, will make your partner feel comfortable.

Experts believe that scheduling a meeting every twice a week will increase the overall efficiency of a team. But it is recommended that meetings should be scheduled every day. You can try both the options, and analyze the results separately.

Individual cooperation

If you are having a small team, then this option might not work for you. In every team, members are always loaded with special skills, and you must utilize them skilfully.

If you are having a team of designers, then some will possess special skills related to designing or coding. You can allot each part to an individual member to increase the efficiency of the project. But this might increase the overall construction time.

Before taking any project, you must consult every single member of your team, and prepare a plan. This positive approach towards the project will actually simplify the overall task, and you can finish the project before deadline.

Stay updated

If your team members are working from different cities or countries, then you must ensure that you keep them updated every time. Advance technology has given us instant messengers like Skype and Gmail chat, which allows us to share various files and data, which is important for the project. Proper communication via these messengers will help you in completing big projects.

Freelancers working from different countries should know about all the projects and tasks, because it will let them feel, that they are also a very important part of a team. If you don’t update them, then their morale might get hampered. Always remember that equality should be followed while distributing work to every single person in a team.

Try to setup a demo, where your team members can see the model of the website, and they can suggest new ideas regarding the website. In this way, they will stay updated and focused towards the project. Always remember that a good team effort can help you in finishing the project before the specified deadline.

Various practices

If you are having a team of web designers, then there are various work related practices, which can increase your efficiency. Graphic designers must understand that storing their designs and logos in a separate file will avoid any future confusion. On the other hand, naming convention should be strictly followed, so that different module designs can be recognized by everybody.

Make sure that work done by each freelancer should be kept in different folder, so that managing them separately will be easy. Compiling the whole project at the end will become very easy, and the final product will achieve perfection.

Be as creative as you can

If you are having a team of web designers then creativity is very important. You will have to expand your thinking process, so that creative ideas can jump in your mind. There are various clients who need creative team.  If you know how to manage a team, then you can get some of the best ideas regarding website development. Allow every single member to relax, and fetch out some creative ideas, which can be fruitful regarding the project.

When it comes to creativity, always make sure that, you don’t exhaust your workers. Let them relax and live their life happily. A happy and relaxed mind can create wonderful things, but exhausted mind won’t create anything special.

Freelancing is not so easy, everyday you will have to face a new challenge. But the beauty of freelancing lies in creativity. You are free to create a thing, which has never been created. Just enjoy your work, and get paid for the same. If you are having a team, then allow every single member to enjoy his life, and enjoy the work too. Allow them to relax and advice them to work only when they are happy.


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