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Integrating Social Logins within Your Website

Another much desired action from the visitors on a certain website is that more and more visitors would have their account registered with your website. It is another way of attracting people towards your website. However, this aspect has two pictures. First, many people are not willing to share their personal information with the website unless they feel comfortable or are in a grave requirement to have what the website is willing to offer. Another reason can be that the registration process might be a bit time consuming.

So what if there is a solution to these two issues? It is very simple that if you are able to resolve these issues you tend to remove the biggest hindrance in your way and increase the traffic of your website thereby converting the website traffic to website subscribers.

The solution has been named as Social Login and in the description below we will be discussing more about what it is and how it can benefit your website.

Defining Social Login

Social login can be defined as a procedure in which the website allows the user to create an account on their website by simply logging within their accounts on social interface websites. By using API back-end, the account of the user on the social media website will be connected with your website and all relevant data will be extracted that is required to create an account on your website.

In addition, if there are any unfilled items, the information of which was not available on the social media account, the website will display those fields as requirement to be filled by the user. Basically the concept behind Social Login is to go rid of the registration process.

Implementing Social Login in Your Website

The requirement of getting registered through social media accounts varies from one website to another. The major point that should be considered while selecting a social media depends on the type of audience you require for your website.

Determine what type of social interface channels are being used by your website traffic or you can simply opt to go with the two giants in social media industry, Facebook and Twitter.

Providing Social Login and Standard Registration Options within Websites

If you want to increase the number of subscribers to your website, using social login options is considered as the best way to do this however, it should not be the only option for creating an account on a particular website. There are still many people who do not appreciate the thought of merging their information on social media accounts with other website accounts.

Moreover, there are also people who do not have an account within these sites at the first hand or they do not like the idea of letting people know what you have been doing lately on the subscribed website. Although, the benefits associated with this option are numerous however, it should always be operated as an added option.

Associated Advantages of Using Social Login

Having the option of social login onto your website can result out to be beneficial both in terms of time and money. Below mentioned are some among many benefits that is being offered by Social Login to website owners:

•    Brings in subscribers: Those websites which have Social Login as an added option for getting registered have reported to experience increased website subscription up to 10 percent as compared to those websites which do not have this option.

•    Simplified process of registration: Registering via social Login is much easier as compared to the normal registration process of any website.

•    Go viral: When the users tend to get logged into their social accounts through your website, it becomes very easy to post information from within the website on to the social network. Nowadays, many of these applications have this feature as their built-in characteristics.

This eventually leads to the fact that with every other increase in the user opening an account on to your website through the Social Login option, you will have the advantage to access their friends as well thereby, resulting in increased website traffic and ultimately website subscription.

Rendering Social Login as a Safe to Use Option

Using the option of social Login is considered to be safe and secure in every term. It is typically secure with reference to the personal information obtained by people who intend to misuse it. This means that Social Login option to get registered with another website only provides an open space to the user up to another API call through which personal information is transferred between the social interface website and your website.

However, a little amount of risk can be associated with the breaking of the API call and the leaking of personal data to any person tapping within it and steal it to make wrong use of it. In order to counter this act, website owners have also drafted safety policies that govern the registration procedure when the users are giving out their personal data to the website. All in all, social Login is completely safe and it takes every measure to ensure that the personal information of users does not fall into wrong hands.

Implementing Social Login

If you are still into the question as to whether you are willing to add in Social Login option in your website, than the answer this on the basis of your website’s needs and requirements. Either the implementing process will be extremely quick and fast or it might turn out to be not only time consuming but also a bit expensive. No matter whatever face the integration process tends to wear up, the benefit is obvious – visitors will appreciate resulting in increased subscription on to your website thereby, generating higher traffic.

This tool is especially effective to compete in the market of giant websites which have also used this tool in order to reach at the top rankings.


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