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iPhone apps should never be clunky, they should be funky…

With the success of Apple’s coveted iPhone, there has been a plethora of iPhone apps.  The appeal is obvious, as not only making a good one can be quite lucrative, it can also give you a lot of kudos in the industry.

This is all well and fine, but many iPhone apps neglected the practical need of iPhone Apps users, resulting in the menu system lacking intuitiveness , and subsequently poor navigation followed.  So if you’re thinking about designing an app for iPhone take into consideration these points.

Golden rule – Apps that offer something of value to people, will be something that can be done on the move.  So an app that requires in-depth knowledge or a complex array of options may not be suited to an iPhone app format.  So when in the design stages, ask yourself if this app can be something that be used on the move.  If the answer is no, it’s time to think again.

The Purpose – What is the purpose of the app?  There are many apps which do have a purpose that makes someone day that bit better.  It allows them to stay in tune with their favourite website, such as Facebook, or offer an interesting read on the go.  They have a specific purpose and execute their tasks well.

The user– As with web design, the user has to be the primary concern when designing the App.  Once you have adhered to the golden rule, decided on the purpose of the app, then this is the next step.  If the app is aimed at the business person, then the app has to be something that can be done on a subway train, or in-between meetings.  If the app is media related, or a game,  then you could be aiming for a completely different kind of user, who has a bit more space to play around with the phone.

Navigation – Arguably, this is more important on an iPhone app than on your PC.  Many of the early apps just clunked along and did not seem to have a natural flow or intuitive direction about them.  This really let the apps down, as this made them impractical.  Remember when designing the navigation it has to be simple and have a natural flow.  It has to be intuitive.  Users are not going to want to look through help files when out and about.  A user should be able to workout all the features of the app, more or less straight away.  It has to be obvious and stylish.  There is no substitute for this.

Appearance – Like anything connected to web 2.0 the appearance has to be stylish.  That is not so hard to do, but building in the functionality on top of that can be a bit of a challenge to say the least.  As mentioned before, the navigation of the app has to be obvious, so bringing in all these elements may seem a little over whelming at first.  The best way to approach the app development is to stick with familiarity.  Large buttons and menus that move from side to side, mimic the menus from Apple.  This means that users will not have to learn a new menu system, as it is familiar from their use with Apple products such as the iPhone.

The iPhone is many peoples pride and joy, so designing a good, useful app for it, not only earns kudos, but can offer everything good web design should be :  a challenge, rewarding, and in some cases fun.  It is important however that you adhere to these rules as this will make your app useable by the iPhone user.

26 Responses to “iPhone apps should never be clunky, they should be funky…”
  1. starbucksfever

    I really agree with Hungryman. 2G’s application seem to be out of date and newer applications can no longer run on the 2G.

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    This is why it’s important to be wary in the development of iPhone apps which …

  3. Linda OBrien

    Your Comments Do you have an IPhone App for finding and posting rentals?

  4. Champ + Jolly Hotdog

    iPhone is the best of all mobile phones in the world. The rest are just plain copy-cats and pathetically trying to imitate the original cool and hip of the iPhone.

  5. starbucksfever

    I totally agree with you Champ + Jolly Hotdog! All the rest in the mobile phone world are just trying imitate the awesomeness of the iPhone.

  6. Murdock

    My basis for using an app for the iPhone is simple: Do I need it?

  7. Martin


    do you know that I am a big fan of iphones? they rock my world. I just hope that they are not costly. it’s nice to see all of our fellows using the phone all at the same time. It is not just that I admire its feature, but also because it is all in one as an organizer and computer.

    great job on promoting my favorite phone. I’ll sure tell all my friends to read this so they’d purchase their own iphones.

  8. Sooner

    All I know is that, I phones are helpful, trendy and easy to use. It is like a mobile, PSP, computer and organizer in one. What more can you ask from this wonderful phone?

  9. Phey

    You can’t force it. 2g phones are all gone. However, its application can be used with 3g phones. But, never expect that you can use 3g applications with 2g. Besides, please don’t buy 2g phones anymore. They are all irrelevant with the kind of technology that we have. One more thing, if you do, you’ll just waste money. Why? It is because we don’t have spare parts and materials for this phone anymore.

  10. CEO, Glenn Sogn

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  11. Lashawn Staylon

    An application is being created with the goal of reaching hundreds of thousands Customers. It is best then to think of the pointers laid out in this post. They are practically to be considered before you make an app. Nice post!

  12. Trivedi Roman

    Wow. This is a good post. Having to know the basic things to in designing and creating an application is merely important. Thank you for this article.

  13. mercurydrug

    3G Iphone should be able to handle old apps from 2G iphone. It’s suppose to be an update of the lower version. And yes, the applications should be useful in everyday living.

  14. Jonathan

    I love the games on the iPhones. They keep me from getting bored when I have nothing else to do.

  15. FM01

    They have to be something useful as well.

  16. Camper

    Hey, if you don’t mind me asking. Are 2g Iphones still available in the market? I have one, but it’s broken and I want it repaired. Unfortunately, they said the parts are all faced out. So, what if I buy one? should I simply purchase a 3g?

  17. Stanley

    Can anyone recommend fun and useful apps? I just got on the iPhone bandwagon.

  18. Malcolm Boyer

    Yes, the applications to be presented and available needs to be funky. I guess, IPhone will draw another million of Customers if they are able to do that.

  19. Delois Fernando

    I am an IPhone lover and I hope that someday I can make an application that will be very useful and very practical to to everyone.

  20. Voter

    I love Iphones too. It makes me feel satisfied for my everyday life. I love this article! You did a great job describing my ever admired and loved phone.

  21. Murry

    @starbucksfever “pathetically trying to imitate the original cool and hip of the iPhone”?

    What does that even mean?

  22. Earl

    Perhaps another thing to consider is this: is it worth spending money on?

  23. Hungryman

    Hey Camper, go buy a 3g one. I don’t think that buying a 2g will be a good idea. You see, some of its applications are also faced out already. i hope I helped.

  24. starbucksfever

    I really love my iPhone. Yeah, I agree with you about the iPhone apps to be funky. They should be as iPhone is better than the rest of the mobile phones. iPhone rocks my world!

  25. TheTruthis34

    Is that true starbucksfever? I’m not really very certain about this but I do have some applications in 2G that run in my 3G iPhone. I’m not sure if I did something or updated something.

  26. baagdi services

    this is really very beautiful

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