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Is a short domain name important?

Your domain is an indication of your site meaning. The reason for a short URL is really to make it memorable and the reasoning being that a short name is easier to remember than a longer one. There are tricks to getting a short meaningful domain name but it really that important? It has always seemed to me that if you get a meaningful name and really brand it, you have a name that anyone will remember so why a short name is important? Because people have kept saying it is. I would rather have a name like http://www.travell-er.com than abcd.com. Travell-er has meaning but abcd doesn’t.

It is important to decide on what your website is going to be about before you look for a domain name. Once you reach the stage of looking for a domain make sure that it is indicative of the content of the website. This gives you points with Google once they get to listing you. Make a list of possible names and then start searching. Remember the use of hyphens.

Shorter URL’s are useful on places like Twitter but there are also ways around it by linking with short words, which are connected to your blog where the full link is available. The use of the # hashkey is also a way around this when you create a conversation link and this is a great way to get visitors to your blog.

It’s vital to have a way of conveying your main meaning of your website in the domain name. If you don’t, you are going to have to do a lot more explaining and advertising to get your name across.  Obviously, a name like travell-er is about travel in some way. It could be about travel to far distant countries, or it could be a place to purchase travel bookings. It might even be a combination of them both.

You need to make your list of names that have a clear association to the content of your website and the direction it is going to take. Like if it’s about Sailing. You would look for names connected in some way. Yachting, YachtsAreUs, Boats, etc. and then extend it into things like Yacht-ing. It is preferable to get a dot com name and if possible buy all the name’s extensions as well if you can. If you are serious about the website and intend to create it for the future, it is important to buy for more than one year. This shows Google that you are a serious website and are here for the future and not just a throw away URL. It is a good idea to make the URL masked as far as your name and address, etc. is concerned and this can be done for a fee when you purchase your domain name.

There are several places to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy to 1and1. The costs depend on where you purchase and can vary greatly especially for the first year.


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