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Is blogging overrated?

Blogging has been the great thing to do for some years and as a result a few million blogs have sprung up on the net. The majority of them don’t last long as people find they do take a lot of time to do properly.

To be done correctly you need good fresh content daily that is of interest to people. Once you have a regular audience you need to involve them and keep them coming back. Whether it is controversial or merely keeping people updated with new ideas you need interaction to stimulate the conversation. You can’t talk about the weather and expect people to find it absorbing, unless you are world renown for the subject.

Basically, you need to find your passion and really dig deep into the subject and involve people in discussions. People tend to get involved if you don’t preach at them. Being a “know it all” isn’t the way to go. Information needs to be presented in a way that isn’t condescending but is helpful. Quite often this means it can be best done in a discussion format.

While there are as I said earlier millions of blogs that have sprung up over the last few years, many have died a death of inertia. The simple fact is people start them enthusiastically but find they either don’t have the time or they just plain get bored with them.

Blogs today can be fully integrated into the social media format by using a few tools, especially if you are using WordPress as your platform for blogging.

There are so many millions of blogs out there you really need to choose your passion carefully.  For a start make sure it is your passion. It needs to be something you really enjoy and enjoy talking about. Remember you are setting up the blog to talk about it. If it is something you know little about people will soon discern this and leave.

What kinds of blogs are out there? Basically there are probably no more than three basic categories of blogs. The personal blog which might get a few hundred views a month. A blog about a particular topic or as it is sometimes called a niche blog. And lastly we have the corporate blog. This is run by a company or set of companies to tell the world what a great company they are.  Each has a different motivation to running a blog and many of them are worked on the numbers game. The need for more and more visitors is usually driven by the need to sell something to people. Some of the people are running multiple blogs each in a niche market and maybe making a few dollars a day off each one. This takes dedication and a daily amount of time. Something to remember when doing this, only do it on your own hosted websites. You can lose your income over night if it is hosted on blogging platform that isn’t hosted by you.

You are at their mercy. To be honest I would never put myself in that position, but I have known someone that did and it ended up as a disaster for him. Overnight he lost his income. While the host said they thought he was creating spam sites and although unfounded they wouldn’t listen. Personally, I thought they just wanted to take over his source of income, but I really can’t substantiate that.

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  1. Joseph McCullough

    Blogging is very, very difficult. What’s also difficult is balancing creating content and promoting content. If you don’t create content, attracting people is useless. However, a blog without an audience is equally useless.

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