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Is SEO all-important to a great website?

Search optimization has become an internet marketing mantra for website promotion. The entire concept revolves around the idea that SEO can make or break your website and that if you don’t use SEO, your website will never see enough traffic.

SEO companies have mushroomed all over the place and many of them will create countless links and bogus posts by using ‘key words’ or ‘key phrases’ from your website to maximize the chances of your website being brought up during a search. SEO might be successful in doing this but does that mean your website will attract more subscribers?

Types of SEO techniques

There are two techniques of SEO that are popular: The black hat and the white hat SEO. Black hat SEO refers to those companies and writers who have no qualms about flirting with illegitimate techniques of propelling the website towards greater visibility. The writers are not trained and quality of content is not a big issue –as long as they are able to build up the rank. The white hat SEO companies on the other hand follow strict rules about the correct usage of SEO and are preferred by search engine companies.

There are much better ideas than relying solely on SEO to making a great website. A few of these ideas are represented here:

•    Great content. This sounds like an incredibility old-fashioned way of approaching the issue but it’s a hard fact. Merely getting the reader to the website is not enough. He is going to click out in two seconds if he finds that the content is sub-standard. It is no use attracting traffic to a website that does not possess enough quality to keep interest of the reader. You will attract lots of web traffic but will have a correspondingly high bounce rate.

•    Great presentation: Any information or content, whether text or visual should be attractive and legible when a reader visits the site. Too much text in one place or too many ads popping up and distracting the viewer will drive him away as fast he came.
•    Web page title: This is an all important factor which will have enormous influence over how many people will visit your site. Titles may short or long but should be phrased with a lot of careful thought. For example if your websites is about how to pass accounting exams, you should title it as “How to pass accounting exams” instead of merely “Accounting exams”.

Apart from these web building tips minus SEO, there some disadvantages of using SEO to promote your website:

1.    SEO may attract too much traffic which makes website management difficult especially for the web host.
2.    Too much traffic will result in too many clicks on ads which in turn will result in high charges.
It’s simple: A great website does not need SEO promotion; SEO can guarantee views but not subscribers. Attracting serious subscribers will depend wholly on the overall quality of the website.



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