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Is sub-standard web copy driving your customers away?

Web copy very simply refers to the content you choose to put up on your website. This content could be text or images or video- just about anything but what web builders need to remember is that this content can either attract a visitor enough for him make follow up visits to the website or drive him away in about 15 seconds in desperation. Several websites suffer from this kind of malady. Web copy is the face of your product or company to your customers. The focus of that website should be on the client’s need and how you or your product can fulfill it. Most web copy emphasis is pointed the other way- at themselves.

You have chosen to build a website in order to attract more clients and then change those casual browsers into definite buyers or subscribers. Low quality web copy can reduce such conversions and escalate bounce rate to high levels. This will eventually hurt your website and you will be left wondering what went wrong. These are some techniques to avoid falling into such a trap:

1.    Language: Language must be easy to understand and appealing at the same time. Imperfect language is not acceptable but this does not mean that the copywriter blows incomprehensible phrases at full steam at his reader. This is not a university English language examination. Your web content should provide real time interaction with real clients.

2.    Shift in focus: There needs to be a paradigm shift in focus from what you want to say to what the client wants to hear. You may want to convey a lot of details both technical and otherwise but is the reader really interested to wade through all that?

For example, say you are marketing a children’s educational program in math.     Stick to facts: Talk about what the program can do for children;” Kids can     improve their counting speed” or “This is will help children learn to solve     word     problems”. If you say something like” The program is based on XYZ     software with a 500 MB memory etc it takes away from what the customer     wants to know.

3.    The content generation depends a lot on your target audience. If you are a tire manufacturer and your target clientele is car companies, by all means go all out with technical details and manufacture statistics. They will be interested. But on the other hand, if you are selling slip proof mats, focus on facts like “The mat prevents slips and falls on wet surfaces” or “You can fix the mat easily” rather than give details about how the mat was made or what proportion of rubber is to cloth etc.

4.    Web copy should not be an ego trip for companies. What the company has done in the past 50 years is of no consequence to the client. He is only interested in what the product can do for him.

Feed the client with what he wants. Avoid rambling on and on about information that is irrelevant to put across a sale: Plain and simple.

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