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Is your site accessible?

Site accessibility is extremely important both for your visitor’s sake and for the sake of the laws around the world.  Law requires your site to be accessible to all including the people with handicaps like sight or hearing impairments. You really need to check your website to make sure it is fully accessible to all. There are several ways of doing this, and it is important to actually use more than one to make sure that everything is covered. This is not only applicable to your normal website but also to your web phone application.

Firefox has an extension which deals with this. This is a toolbar which checks for accessibility on web pages. You can check your images and links to make sure that is wc3 compliant. Standards for the net are the thing of the future, and it is important to implement them from the start. Your Validator for WC3 is available on this toolbar as well as is Link Checker.

aDesigner is an accessibility tool to make sure that the site is accessible for the blind. This is an extremely important part of the accessibility tools. This download area is a great place to get many of the tools for accessibility. All the necessary guidelines are available here in the form of a report.

You can use a web service to test your site’s accessibility at EvalAccess once the website has been launched. You need to use the website’s URL to test it. Be aware it is in heavy use, and it might take time to bring it up. This is done online and it breaks down to each and every error it finds.

The next application is like similar to Jaws and is called WebAnywhere.

This is where you can view how your pages are available, navigated and how they can be read. Inspection of various parts of the website you are building. With this application, you can test files folders and websites all independently and get a full breakdown on any problems.

If someone is color blind they will see a website totally differently from a normal sighted person. This program called Vischeck will show you how a web site is seen by anyone of three different types of color blindness. You can do it one of two ways. Either by inserting the URL, or image by image.

Further to this view of color blindness, you have Colour Contrast Analyser, which is a Firefox extension.

This checks for how people with color blindness will be able to see the content of your website. This site has several other accessibility tools available as well.

Opera and Internet Explorer also have a tool bar available for webpage evaluation in the form of the Web Accessibility Toolbar. This is an extension which has many tools available for a designer to enable you to check your page’s accessibility on the internet.

Last but not least is a TAW Web Accessibility Test which evaluates your webpage, finds any spot that might be a troublesome area and will allow you to see both, it and the associated problem.


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