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Items to help you design your Mockup

While wireframes are the basis of your mockups, there are several other items that are also helpful tools for you to use. These tend to come in unexpected places and the majorities of them are free or have a free trial. It is always interesting to see how people make a little know tool available, and once you find it, you wonder how you ever managed to live without it. There are many forms that items can take and my personal preference has always been to have my info and my client’s info on my own PC rather than on the web. I guess I am a suspicious person, but it has always seemed to me that once it is on the internet if someone really wants to find it, they will.

Such an item has been given as an add on to Firefox in the form of Pencil Project. This requires you to be using Firefox 3.5 or above. Alternatively, there is the downloadable one, which is based on the Google code and is 600kb in size.

There are several stencils for diagramming as well as the means of inter-linking pages.  The amounts this little program can do are staggering, and although it is not supposed to be a wireframe it comes pretty close to being just like that. Well worth trying out and learning how to use this. The joy is its free and open source so it keeps on getting updated with new items. Keep a check on the site for updates. I like the fact that you can download it and thus not be using the internet time or even be online. Unfortunately, the Mac version of the standalone platform is not yet available, but I am sure its only a matter of time.


Hotgloo has a free plan which is available for 1 user with one project per month. After that you go to paid plans such as 5 users with one project, which costs $7 per month and upwards.

This is a totally web based application and is an interactive collaborative program. There is a full section on how to do any project in their database and all you really have to do is go in there to find out how to set up the operation you require. This is a full wireframe inter connected tool.


This is also an online application for wireframes. Fully interactive you can even link up various mockups and applications to review the entire operation online. The cost for two active projects for unlimited people is $9 a month and this increases up to unlimited at $85 per month. There are so many items to go through on this one you really need to test it out. There are no contracts with this one you only pay as you use it. This means although there is no free trial you can try it out for $9.

The application you finally select is a matter of choice, and I would suggest you try out the free trials before signing up for any one of them.


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