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Items to speed up Html a little

Speed on the web is very important. People as a race tend to be impatient and on the internet this is all the more apparent.  You need to have fast moving pages. Speed of loading is paramount and this means your code needs to be clean, and if you are using CSS as most of us are nowadays you need to have it condensed into a single line if possible. The placing of various code languages on the site is important as some are hogs when it comes to downloading and one of these is JavaScript. This won’t allow anything else to download at the same time. Placement of it on the page is there for of paramount importance and its place is at the bottom of the page so it loads last.

Many people who enter a website use the headings and subheadings to skim through the site to see what it is about before maybe reading an article. It is vital to make both headings and sub headings attract attention and stimulate interest to keep the visitors reading. This makes the use of Heading Elements important. You have the choice of several of them from H1, which is your main heading down to h2 through to h6 or however, far you wish to go. If it is a blog it is important to use your H1 heading as your Title as this is what will be seen on the search engine when the story comes up below the domain link. It will also be what the search engines pick up as the prime item for search.

There are several Elements that you will need to use and one of these is the <em> for emphasis. Forget if you ever knew them the <j> and the <b>.

If you are making a new paragraph use <p> don’t use <br?> which actually means break.
When using strict standard code it is extremely important to close your code. This is one of the items that are emphasized here.

When you are using strict code like this, you need to use some items to help you speed things up as this makes for cleaner code than we can usually do by hand. Css is one of these and using a condensing CSS program will help tremendously.

The kinds of lists you can use are varied from ordered <ol> to unordered <ul> as well as definition lists <dl>.
Strict standards are not in favor of using the <div> method as this can get unwieldy.
Keep your code in lower case. The search engines spiders prefer is and the code practice if far better using this and it conforms to industry standards.

When you are using images make sure you use Alt attributes. For some reason, Google gives extra marks for these. Make this alt description clear so that the spiders can read and understand what the picture is about. This also means that it is a way that the blind can read what the picture depicts. This means it adheres to the laws of accessibility.
There are a whole host of items you can do to your website and it is important to go to the W3C standards website, and read it all up.


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