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Joomla versus WordPress

With so many blogging platforms out there it is a case of choosing the one most suited to your needs.  The two that attract my attention, in particular, are Joomla and WordPress, and as a result I set out to compare them to see, which would better suit my needs. Both obviously are free and both have a tremendously large store of plug-ins that extends the basic platform.

The main difference lies in the basic theme’s flexibility. WordPress requires considerably more use of code in the background of the theme where you need to insert different kinds of code most of which can be made found on the net. Joomla is based on a single theme index page of which everything works and WordPress works of individual pages. This is the main reason that WordPress has more coding required.

Joomla intrigued me with some of their add-on programs like the wide screen background video, which appears to be very user friendly until you try to use it. This is where I found that in actual fact or maybe just because I am used to WordPress (and code doesn’t really bother me much) that WordPress was really a whole lot easier to work with. Although Joomla is probably a whole lot easier for a person who starts there it does not appear to be as flexible and adaptable as WordPress to me.

Both platforms have their main core and rely pretty heavily on the system of extensions that come with the plug-ins, the difference here being the theming structure. Joomla appears to be lighter in weight to me and some of the plug-ins are extremely attractive and who know maybe before long someone will build similar ones for WordPress. WordPress might even have them already hidden in their more than 2000 plug-ins and I just haven’t found them yet.  These plug-ins really mean it is so much easier to modify WordPress as it appears to be far more flexible to me than Joomla. The biggest problem that I see here is the use of too many plug-ins, which will then make the program load too slowly.  If you only use those that are required, however, this should not be a problem it means that the main core of the program remains light weight with just the alteration in code via the plug-in to make it adaptable to your needs.

Both Joomla and WordPress have documentation available to be able to build extension for them, and I suppose the really technologically minded will head straight for these to be able to build the adaptation they want to implement. I personally head over to the plug-in pages to see what people have already built. And one of these days I will go through the entire list on WordPress to see what is there besides the most popular ones that everyone uses like “All in one SEO”. There are several very interesting one available like the carousal Photos which makes the alternation of the photos so attractive. I would like to see the broad background video plug-in on WordPress, but I do not want to use Flash. Somehow they have managed to overcome that on Joomla, but unfortunately, I don’t know enough code to understand how.

At the end of the day both have their merits, but I am still swayed to WordPress.

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  1. free ads ireland

    I have used both and still think WordPress is better and easier to use although some sites are better suited to Joomla.

  2. Dennis

    Thanks for the comparison in this manner, as a newbie to either Joomla or WordPress good summaries like this are most helpful.

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