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Jquery Ventures Into The Styling Arena

These new features aim at enhancing the styling and typography effects that can be produced on a webpage and take the art of typography to a new level altogether. These features provided by jQuery are set out in a usable array format and make the job of intensive styling a much simpler one. Many web pages such as company signature pages or gaming web pages would need to use extensive typography tricks to make their pages look different and eye-catching.

Flashing letters, re-sized text images and aesthetically designed font definitely add to the over all appeal of a web page and will inspire a reader to spend more time on that page. Reams of identical fonts will be a total put off to the casual reader. So, jQuery adds on some pizzazz to regular typing.

The wide range of features offered by jQuery increase functionality and adds on a dimension of sophistication to the art of typography. This is a run through of some important features offered by jQuery.

Resizing text font

•    The Fit Text feature allows typesetting while handling responsive web designs and scales the text depending on browser size. This is particularly useful to mobile phone users.
•    jQuery text resize plug in allows control over font size. The user has a lot of freedom to size the font as per his requirement at that point.
•    jQuery siFR plug in allows rendering of text formats which are classified as non safe fonts.

Styling effects

•    Lettering. Js offers dramatic and fundamental visually appealing typography which is far beyond the ordinary run of the mill font styles. This would have been impossible otherwise. The level of control to the user and the absolute maneuverability offered is unmatched and indeed amazing to play with.

•    jMetronome is another feature that allows manipulation of spacing and text formats to give a smooth aesthetic effect to the page format. The visual flow offers a pleasing result to the eye as the reader browses up or down. Creating a visual rhythm is an art and jQuery makes the perfect base tool to fine tune that talent. This tool will be particularly useful to magazine editors and newspaper  art editors who need all the help they can get to get their aesthetics right.
•    Outlines, shadows and gradient manipulation are all powered by ‘font effect’ – a CSS3 like feature that allows font makeovers. The only difference being that this is JavaScript oriented while other font effects are CSS based.

Text arching

•    jqlso makes fonts grow on approach and recede on drawing away-produces a reflective effect.
•    jQuery Approach: This alters text images based on mouse proximity. Images may become darker and expansive or sharper and smaller as the case may be.

   Flashing, flickering and glowing

•    The airport feature supports flickering info boards and schedules.
•    jQuery produces glowing fonts as you hover in or out.

jQuery plug-ins work as an enhancement to CSS3 tools.




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