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Let’s have a look at Fireworks

Designing websites in Fireworks is an interesting concept. Most people use Photoshop files those .psd files. When they send them in the full format that is. I am talking in a large file format here. Where as Photoshop seems to have become the industry standard it’s a good idea not to dismiss Fireworks. It has some huge advantages.
Fireworks, was designed as a designers tool. It has specialized as such and not extended its range to be all encompassing like Photoshop. You will find tools in Fireworks, which show that it was built for designers, and those tools make my life easier.

Control over Pixilation:

Because of the perfect pixel control, you can create an exact feature in pixels by using the tool the exact measurements you want in the color you want and to the size you want. Round corners alone would be worth it. Simple to make and once you have created what you want it’s just a case of click on it and drag it to where you want it. It’s direct, no need to go through layers or any other thing. When you have your rectangle to change the corners it’s merely a case of adding a number into the roundness value box.


The layers’ concept is still here but it’s far simpler. The design aspect gives you the box with the layers where you can produce a mockup with ease and not have to use any other program at all. You merely use both the layer section and the pages’ panel to create the entire mockup.


The program makes gradients child’s play. It’s a simple matter of find your color Click on it and click to the next in the same box to create the gradient. It’s a lot faster than any other method I have seen.


There are a huge set of tools for this, and you will be able to see the exact object you design. No missed or altered shapes. It’s WYSIWYG. The fine tuning of the edges with the anti-aliasing is there as well.


you can set it up to use several pages in one document or layouts in bulk. Each page will allow its own layers and will keep all relevant assets in the same page. You won’t have to go hunting for where it moved to. You can build your own library of assets you use on a regular or irregular basis. This means when you need something you have used previously you just have to retrieve it from the library. When you want to change something you need to change over many pages it does it through the styles section and changes them all.
This combined trio makes it very simple to perform the task in a matter of minutes rather than over hours of work. It is available from the same stable as Photoshop but at a fraction of the price.


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