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Looking for Inspiration on Social Media Networks

Social networks are so popular at the moment and will probably be going strong for some time. If you are a professional web designer you are probably already aware that marketing strategies focused on social networks can make a huge difference on your audience levels.

However, they are also a great source of inspiration for web designers looking for new ideas and creativity. Consider bookmarking social media design sites. You can join a network of designers, such as FFFfound, where web designers share their final products or other designs they have found inspiring on the web. You can find other good sources of image bookmarking networks at We heart it or Dropular amongst a few.

If you are in quest of new typography ideas for your content and headlines you should try networks such as “we love typography”, as these focus on the typefaces and different fonts you can use for a determined purpose or category of readers, in order to have a greater impact on the web.

Asking questions and tips on social networks can be a great idea, as you can get very good tips if you just dare ask. Twitter, LinkedIn groups, Yahoo answers or other social networks can help you find some answers and suggestions. You will find plenty of people to help you out, as we all like to show how expert we are in our domain.

Do not forget to browse through blogs, as these are probably the greatest source of inspiration you can find.

People will most likely be happy to help you out, they are usually glad when they can show their expertise. You will find that blogs are divided into two categories, one type that shares designs they find inspiring and other type will offer tutorials to help you with the development of your project.

Flickr can also offer good inspiration if you are stuck for ideas, as it is a good photo sharing social website. A great tool Flickr provides web designers with is the color palette generator, which will help you extract the colors from a photograph. You can use the multicolor search lab that will help you find photos with specific color requirements.

You can find inspiration at conferences, where you can listen to people that are successful or well-known in their field. These will provide you with good insight, and inspiration as well as offering ideas and solutions for problems you may be stuck with.

As you probably already know many people use the bookmark option for their favorite web pages, especially when they find these inspiring and problem solving. This is why if you look for social bookmarking sites, you are very likely to find many sources of inspiration.

You will find that Stumbleupon and Delicious are two good websites for web designers seeking inspiration, as these two are used by web designers specifically. You can search by tags in Delcious and narrow down your search options.




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