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Love and Creativity Go Hand in Hand


Love and passion for things can open the world of creativity to you. This mostly occurs in the attempt to impress a certain individual or be a source of inspiration. However, the phenomenon of love has really got artists and painters to create marvellous creations.

Positive Effects of Love

1.      When you’re in love all you want to do is be on your toes just to reach that new height which the world can probably awe at or even want to be a part of it.

2.      Love can make you be a source of inspiration for others where you just convey that all will fall in its right place.

3.      Love makes you feel out of this world to the point that you want to do things as amazing as you.

4.      Alteration in thoughts is typical of a lover.

Here’s how you’ll understand the power of love and its impact on creativity. When you’re down and gloomy try wrapping a gift. Let’s see how you do it. Furthermore, then imagine yourself wrapping a gift for your spouse’s birthday. The latter condition seems to be very lively; you might even want to create a wrapper of your own just to show that how much you’re in love with him/her.

I’ll give you a few startling examples that’ll tell you of the impacts love has on creativity. They’re really eye-openers!

1.      Taj Mahal

This wonderful construction was for Shah Jahan’s wife; he loved her to the extent of creating this beauty in the city of Agra, India. It took 23 years to get this done.

2.      NYgirlofmydreams.com

This one is a real shocker; a man fell in love the minute he saw a girl on his regular subway. He didn’t know her name nor had her number, but he got the entire New York to find him his girl. They eventually did, and they dated, too! Now isn’t that just too cute! He used the power of his website to track her down; the millions who accessed his website helped him get to her.

3.      Shakespeare

Shakespeare couldn’t have possibly written those beautiful timeless classics if he hadn’t been in love. Think about it; love and creativity are as old as history.

4.      Samstones

For those who do not know about this, it’s about a boy named Sam, who played in Vermont for fourteen years. His friends and family created Sam Stones just to spread the love for him. And it was sent around; you can really feel the love. Imagine that something as insignificant as a stone held the creativity within just because it was made out of love.

These are just a few examples that the world knows of, but I’m sure there are many that possibly you can narrate about people who’ve been love. In fact, I’m sure, they would’ve been much grander and even breath taking than these listed. Love is definitely a powerful tool that makes you just go wild with excitement and create a beauty out of nothing. Keep the love going on; creativity lies within it.


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