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Mac or PC which do you prefer

Are you addicted to using a Mac or do you prefer a PC. The main thing about either is once they have you. You really are unlikely to change. When you get your first PC or Mac you usually start off by buying programs to go with it. 

 As time goes by you buy more and more or upgrade the ones you already have. In the end, your cost of investment is such that you aren’t likely to switch to a completely new system and have to replace not only the Operating system but upwards of thousand of dollars in software.

When you buy the items slowly and one by one you actually don’t really realize how much you are spending but when it comes to replacing it all it can be a major shock. This usually means you opt for the system that will take the programs you already have.  Obviously now that Windows has upped their operating system to 64 bits it is a time to review the situation again. 64 bits mean that all the programs will have to be replaced.

As I am considering which way to swing with the PC or a Mac I looked very carefully at both. I want to get the new Adobe suite, and that requires the use of either a Mac or a PC with 64 bits to operate their program at maximum capacity. This is of consideration to me as I am a keen photographer and want to use it to its fullest extent. This obviously will be an expensive item and not one replace quickly so very careful consideration as to be given to all items, including the amount of ram and hard drive. I decided on a laptop, and I will be doing a great deal of traveling. This reduced the amount of options I had, immediately.  Ram and laptops don’t seem to mix too well, but I knew I needed in excess of 7 gig of ram to run the Photoshop efficiently. I really wanted more than 8 gig but found it hard to find in a standard machine.

Designer wise the Adobe suite is ideal. It is an all in one, which saves you thousands rather than buying it piece meal. I know it is very expensive and there is a possibility, I won’t use all of it but from past experience I will always be found fiddling with a new program.

While this is available for both Mac and PC, I wasn’t having much joy with finding a Mac with enough ram to satisfy me. The thing is you need enough oomph in the computer to cope with the speed so you need a 17 inch. I went on to the Mac site and configured my wishes in, and it basically came to double the cost of the same thing in a PC laptop. This also had the disadvantage of the fact that I had maxed the ram out. There was no room for expansion. I would be stuck with 8 gig.  With the PC I had found, which was a very good one If I chose 8 gig now I could replace it with 16 gig later without a large hassle. The cost of the PC which also had the advantage of being on my doorstep was slightly more than half the cost of the Mac. Either way I was going to have to purchase Adobe suite as well. I guess my next one is going to be a Windows 7 operating lappie again. Sorry Mac but I did look, and I looked hard.

2 Responses to “Mac or PC which do you prefer”
  1. Ramesh Vishwakarma

    ya true dude…

  2. Jake

    I have wanted a Mac for a long time because I was tired of my PC crashing when I did wedding videos. The day finally came and my motherboard on my laptop died. I weighed my options, do I buy a POS $400 Dell laptop or do I go back to this “PC Superstore” that sells laptops at around $2000. After a lot of research I went with a Mac. I have not regretted it one bit. I love this machine. I still use Windows at work, I am in IT, but I much prefer to do everything else on a Mac.

    Get one, you will not regret it. It takes a little time to adjust to the different shortcuts but I’m sure you could figure that out.

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