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Maintain your individual brand

Your brand is as individual as you are, and it is important not to let it get swamped in a corporate environment. The essence of your design should always be your brand and should never be diluted by commerce. It is your foundation as an individual and by allowing it to be imposed upon by others will swamp it and in the end your inspiration and self worth will be swallowed whole. This brand is what makes you stand out in a crowd. It says to the world at large “I am me.”

The essence behind your branding should be pride in the work you achieve. This in turn will show in your work as you will maintain high standards which in turn will bring you recognition.  Maintain your identity in social media forums such as blogging and Facebook. This will give you the branding recognition that is important in the line of work you are involved in. This is your own personal advertising campaign. Good and ethical standards should be maintained at all times. Remember photos of drunken parties with friends posted by either you or a friend will come back to haunt you. This applies to all types of bad conduct. The world in general has become a very small place and one of the places that head hunters and bosses do search, are social network sites. It doesn’t matter if you delete it on your page it remains on the net. In other words, keep your nose clean if you are on display to the world. And if you are on the net you are on display.

The secret between working for someone and keeping yourself branded is to balance the two. Personally, if I was working for a boss or a corporation I would make sure that under no circumstances would I log into any social network site while I was at work. For a start unless this is part and parcel of your job you are stealing. Yes I said stealing. Your boss is paying you for your time and by using it for going on and either promoting yourself or chatting to friends on the social site you are using time he has paid for. To be straight forward about it if he caught you at it, you would probably be without a job. Keep your social side to the private time of your life.

If it is part and parcel of your job keep to the job aspect and not the social time aspect. I would, in fact, have two profiles: A business one for business hours, and the other is the private one where I brand myself as myself and also do my socializing.

Your business profile is where you are being your company representative. As such you have to keep totally to company policy, and private opinions should be kept to yourself. Your company isn’t interested in promoting what you think, it’s interested in the corporate image.

It is very important indeed to keep the two separate.


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