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Making work enjoyable

Do you enjoy your workday? Do you jump out of bed keen to get back to the job you are doing?  If that is true you are probably an exception to the rule, or you are following a good work regime. Too many people get up in the morning and groan at the thought of another workday. The need to bring fun back into the working day is evident.

Try to think back to when you first started on the job you are doing now. Was it the cash that drew you or was it the love of the actually task you were doing or learning. Usually our minds get brighter and more interested when we are learning something new.  The exploration of a new idea, task or tool always intrigued me, and I am pretty sure it intrigued you too. This is what you need to bring back into your workday, the sense of exploration.  The daily grind is boring and mundane.

Do a quick assessment of what you like about your job and what you hate about it. Then work out if there is any way you can change the hate to like.

Do you hate your boss? If you don’t get along with your fellow workers and boss it might be a time to look for other employment, although I would first look to myself and see what it was in me that was causing the adverse reaction. Quite often when we start hating something it is because it is a reflection of ourselves that we see in others, and we don’t like in ourselves.

Does the boss come in with a frown and say “I need this ASAP”? You might surprise him with a sure thing, a smile and a whistling tune.  If you put on a happy mood it is very infectious. You would be amazed at how well the office temperament improves.

Start making encouraging remarks to colleagues saying how much you like something that you actually do like. Never give false praise but it is amazing how a little praise around you will make everyone feel better and lift the mood of the entire office. Who knows you might even infect the boss. They can be human too you know. I know one doesn’t often think so, but they are.

Now that the mood lightens it might be an idea to get the whole troop out for a walk at lunch time. Fresh air does wonders for the spirits. There will be those that won’t want to the first few days, but slowly they will see the good spirits that result and they will join in as well. This is camaraderie time: Time to laugh and joke. Not office talk time.

I am willing to bet by the end of a couple of weeks you will actually be looking forward to go to the office again especially if you start including a new work idea into your daily life but learning one new task from one person around you each week. You will be amazed at how pleased people can be to be asked to teach you a little thing or two. It need not interfere with your or their jobs but 10 minutes to learn just one thing in a day will enable you to take it further on your own at home and go back with any questions. Water coolers are a great place to ask questions.

Give it a try and see how your daily grind turns into a daily smile.


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