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Mistakes do happen

Are there some designs you look back on with shame? Remember everyone makes a mistake or two when learning design. Those original designs you made in those days were probably great when you made them but the thing about design is taste changes as do methods of presentation.

The most important thing about those mistakes is the fact you learned something in the process. If you can go back and correct those mistakes well and good. If that happens, you have doubly learned. You have both learned what you did wrong, and you have learned the correct way to over come the problem.

My very first design I did, was luckily, for myself.  I made the entire site in frames. I was so proud of it.  What I didn’t realize was that browsers hate frames and don’t really see them. By the time I discovered that I had 6000 pages up.  It was very laborious to correct that mistake, but I did learn one heck of a lot in the process. Admittedly, that was many years ago, but I don’t think you are ever going to stop learning in this game.

When you think of the mistakes it can be quite horrifying. Luckily, we don’t all have to make the mistakes as there are many forums for design on line and people do share what they have done and where they have gone wrong. If we read and listen, we can often avoid those mistakes for ourselves. The thing is to actually take note and not to go down that road.

Never be afraid to ask questions. There is no such thing as a silly question. The only silly thing is not to ask if you don’t know the answer. I have been fortunate in the groups I have joined over the years, and many have steered me in directions I had no idea existed. This includes the places that will host video for you free of charge and will make them private and available only on your website. Often people just download your videos if they are available on YouTube, which is both illegal and very difficult to counteract. The only way to get YouTube to do anything about it is when you actually find someone else using your video. You then have to notify then of the copyright infringement. This appears to be your only recourse of action.

There are many mistakes one can make on the web if you are new to it. One of the biggest is not registering copyright and not making sure all the legal aspects of the website are in place. If you are selling things you need to be registered to do so and also have all the right legal language and paperwork in place.

Although this is on the fringes of design mistakes, I touch on it because so often you see sites that have no idea, and really it is important.

Something you need to make sure of if you are working on a design that is already live is that you do not accidentally upload the half finished new design to the website and thus cause the whole thing to be a mess. This is just a flick of the wrong button and can very easily happen if you are tired and working late. All sorts of chaos can result from this. What I have found is a way that isn’t fool proof but works for me. I download the entire file and work on an off line computer until I have it ready. I then move it on to a thumb drive and upload.  Since doing this, I haven’t had another major accident.  Not to say it can’t happen, but so far I have been sufficiently aware of keeping mistakes at bay without changing the file names.

Think about what your worst mistake has been. You might want to share it in your forum.


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