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Mobile Web Design

There are still whispers within the industry regarding mobile web designs. It is important to understand developing trends and adapt to the evolution. There are impending changes in the way users interact on web sites and more importantly how mobile to mobile relationships are established and maintained.
Experts are now asking whether mobile web designs are worth the trouble. The argument is that while producers’ input into the emergence of this scientific discovery must be regarded does it worth the attention given, anyway. It is believed that profit driven online companies and commercial web businesses have forged an entry into the industry which does not warrant the financial implications demanded at this moment.

Is your website aimed at attracting mobile users?

Twitter and FaceBook have invaded mobile web technology, since they provide the best communication forum for individuals. From research more than 25% of their traffic is derived from mobile customer. The concern is that while these networking media are geared to attract mobile users websites suffer in that they hardly attract mobile traffic.
As the argument continues it can be justified that these websites have not applied the appropriate devices to attract such traffic. Therefore, they cannot blame anyone for that limitation in their business.
The truth is that while Google and Apple iAd platforms are programmed for this intervention; advertising supported websites within the Silicon Valley mourn the evidence of poor web traffic interaction.

Advertising performance on non social mobile network

It is true that Apple iAp demonstrates excellent website performance. However, the sample advertising release for wed sites was negligible. The question which again surfaces is whether a non social mobile network provides performance relative to social mobile net work. Researchers say no. Then, does it worth the cost and trouble setting up such a design on a non social media web website?

E- Commerce website

These sites are designed for to have the most traffic, whether it is merely from a desktop internet resource or mobile. Some of the most popular e-commerce sites are Amazon and eBay. The experts have discovered that the advantage Amazon would have above an ordinary E-commerce site is that it would have had all the appropriate features and devices installed for a successful interaction.
The sophistication exits also. For example, customers can order products using an Mp3 mobile device. They are privileged to add items to their wish list merely by a click from their mobile device.
Mobile focus payments are omitted from many mobile phone designs but Amazon has enabled this feature. Here again what worth is there in having mobile devices on an E-commerce website when there are no payment features available?

Does your website need a mobile version?

To conclude this discussion the vital question is asked from another perspective. Based on the findings revealed, does your website need a mobile version or rather what makes it necessary for a website to install a mobile version?
Clearly, it has to do with the purpose of the website encapsulating the designer’s intention. A major concern, however, is whether mobile users have the ability to interact with sites beyond the point of social media relationships. Conclusively, mobile design, is it worth it? Maybe not!


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