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Mobile website designing

With increasing technological development and subsequent demands for more efficiency in the application of modern scientific trends; it is imperative to strongly advocate that a closer look be taken at Mobile Web Designs.
By now it is known that these designs appear on cells phones or Smart phones, which are more popular devices. From research findings over 4.5 billion mobile phones are on the market, and daily the number is escalating. Therefore, increasingly there is the need for web-designers to stretch across the borders into understanding what makes an excellent web design for such a device.
It is a unique experience since designing a web page for a mobile phone is different to a web page on a desk top the regular computer. For one thing, it is being able to incorporate a number of features into a much smaller screen.

Designing content for the mobile web

Briefly take a look at the diagram below. It is a New York Public library Mobile web site. Pay special attention to the size of the screen. Notice the use of icons directing visitors to the content. There is a drastic reduction due to the space constraints. Only essential elements should be brought over.

Using Rich Media effectively

A characteristic of the modern day Smart phones is the ability to display multimedia content effectively. Take a look at the FaceBook web page display in the diagram below. Examine the content. Bear in mind that quality and quantity of multimedia access depends greatly on your internet connections and providers.

Simplicity equates to usability on the web

Just take a look at the two versions of web designs below. One is catered for a browser while the other is for a mobile design. Note the difference. See how the mobile design is clutter free with much fewer features and a paradigm of simplicity encloses it. With many web designers not having access to sophisticated key boards this is the way of providing an excellent service.

Understanding how mobile device work

Another basic to mobile web designing is to understand, how website and applications are rendered in relation to the targeted mobile devices. A typical example is realizing that the application’s designs for iphones would not work on a S 60 device. Similarly, a mobile web site created for Blackberry Bold 9700 cannot work for another mobile phone. Designs must be compatible with the specific element of the phone. Take a look at the two mobile phones below and you will have an idea of what really occurs.

Simplifying user interaction

This can be considered a way of establishing compatibility to an extent. Make sure that you have auto complete/ auto suggest features installed to minimize the amount of errors. Remember, simplicity is the watch word for mobile web designs, and it should be the focus of consideration at all times.
An example of a perfect simple interaction can be observed when using Mobile Gmail. Short cuts are used liberally. Be alert to input simplicity. Make use of button selection methods frequently and avoid the use of text boxes only if absolutely necessary.

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    It is a unique experience since designing a web page for a mobile phone is different to a web page on a desk top the regular computer.

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