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More Usability Problems on Websites

Other problems that concern users are plug-ins. Some websites need plug-ins for people to view them, but keep in mind a few essential about what you are asking your users to do. No user will be bothered to download a plug-in just to browse through your website, however fantastic this may be.

You can use the plug-ins most people have installed on their computer, including Flash and RealAudio plug-ins and Acrobat Reader, all other plug-ins are not commonly used. Keep in mind even if you only use the most common plug-ins, there will be many users that do not have these installed. This is why you should provide another version of the content on your website so that your pages are visible to all.

There are some sites that have navigation options and controls that are not clearly labeled, only rely on icons without other details, offer confusing titles, and are far too many that the user cannot decide which one to choose. It is essential for a website to have clear navigation tabs, in order for the users to clearly understand where each link leads to. You can also give detailed information on your home page of what the navigation links are there for.

Some website are very unattractive and the content difficult to read or uncomfortable for the eye. Font may be too small and bad choice of colors, such as a light font on a very dark background. The sentences of the content may be too long and the text too difficult to understand.

Many times irrelevant information is given on the home page, which may be a priority for the website, but is of no relevance to the users. Even though the website’s business wishes to put the objectives of the designer or company, it must meet the users’ requirements, or they will be put off by the incoherent information.

Everybody should be able to understand what you website is about, however little experience they may have on your field of expertise. Users should immediately have a clear idea of how to look for relevant information in your website, without having to be guided through the various pages. The home page is where users will expect to find out what your website is about and you may want to add a back to the top link to make scrolling easier.

Other websites are simply inaccessible, for they are missing out on ALT tags and cannot be used without JavaScript. This will make your web pages inaccessible to users with disabilities and can also lead to other problems, including bad access to pages for users with mobile devices.

Many people nowadays use mobile devices for browsing on the Internet, and these have reduced screen sizes, rendering some web pages simply impossible to see correctly. This is why a web page should offer easy access to all type of users, including those who are not necessarily browsing from a desktop computer or laptop, but with an iPad or iPhone for example.


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