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New device design needs

With the new age of cell phone mobile devices and i Pads, etc., there are an increasing number of applications that need special attention in the new publishing area. There is a whole new range of sizes scale and items to consider for these markets.

Designing for mobile devices is a whole new ball game, and the learning curve can be quite steep. Consider the difference in size for a start. How can you fit all you want to show in that tiny little space? It is obvious everything has to be pared down completely to be able to fit in the monitor face of a mobile phone.

The same sort of thing applies to design an application for the iOS of one of these mobile devices. Apple has very strict ideas and the icon you design to go with the application is just one of the areas they deal with. Size and design and scale all have to be submitted to Apple when you apply for permission to publish.

The rewards for getting a publish permission can be huge and very well worth financially if you are successful. You need to brand yourself. This is where the icon comes in and this has to be in line with the Apple App stores guidelines. You will be required to make a UI wireframe for each sized screen for the application.

Once you have this you need to use Xcode and get the very best result possible. You need to make sure there are the greatest graphics as well as programming, which will last without the need to update, alter or change to deal with bugs.

Designs take time and a lot of effort. Each application takes a different sized icon. This means you require 7 separate sized icons to cover the range all of which must be in the .png format. This format is smaller in capacity and yet still holds a deep color.

Do not put the gloss on the icon. This is done by the App store when your app reaches runtime as will the rounded corners. Your icons should be squared 90 degreed. Never use transparency in your designs as this will give you a bad result.  Overall it takes considerable time to create and organize an icon for your app as there are a great deal of items to be taken into account. The seven different sizes actually mean 9 different applications as two lots have the same size as two of the others. All of this has to be taken into account so do not think an icon will take a day or two. It is more probably they will take two to three months to get them right and up to the standard that will be acceptable by Apple.

There are several UI kits available, which are downloadable and free of charge. These can be used to help you with the designing of the logo. This is just one of the skills you will need when building a mobile app.


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