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Numerous Ways to Earn as a Freelancer

Many of us tend to earn this as an extra income apart from the regular “pocket money” we’re given. It doesn’t anyone really to freelance. This adds a lot to your resume and may boost your reputation when you apply for a job.

Those who freelance end up in three situations:

1.    They continue freelancing as a profession
2.    They open up their own agencies
3.    They enroll in one of the similar agencies

The cons of working as a freelancer may be an unsteady income but that hardly matters when you’re not responsible for paying the bills around the house. You may also end up worrying whether you’re working too hard; harder than a regular professional who reports at 9 and comes back at 5.

However, I do acknowledge the fact that as a freelancer I have the privilege of selecting my own time to work, which means I can sleep till as late as I want. You can actually take this job wherever you go; it knows no boundaries!
However, what can you possibly do if you want a steady income from freelancing so that your parents quit bugging you to find a real job?

Passive Income

There are sites that you can post photos to and then sell them. The site will obviously deduct a charge for endorsing your product, but then it’ll definitely pay off. You can earn constant money for the pictures or icons you put up there. Just to make sure we’re on the page, hit anyone of the sites mentioned below:

•    http://themeforest.net/
•    http://fotolia.com/
•    http://www.istockphoto.com/
•    http://www.dafont.com/


I’m sure you’ve worked for a number of clients in setting up their websites; why not you propose that you host the website. They can buy the server, and you can put it up there and run the show for them. How does that sound to you? Tell them that they’ll be at an advantage since that will be your creation, and you’ll correct anything if it goes wrong.

Freelancers for Companies

There are a lot of companies out there, which need a graphic designer to update their photos and stuff for their clients and potential clients. This is your chance to make it or break it. It all starts with a website, and then you go on to making posters and like content.


Can you put your thoughts well on a piece of paper? If yes, then you should get started immediately. Begin with blogging and then start adding traffic to it through back linking and then watch your site grow and send you hundreds of dollars. Just make sure your content is fresh and worth a read.

Alternatively, you may be fond of speaking rather than writing then simply create a video tutorial for yourself at http://tutsplus.com/ and they’ll happily pay you for your efforts.


You have made quite a reputable name in the world of freelancers, and your friends are working for the same; you could simply bring them on your team and give them work by asking for an extra amount. This way you and your friends both are in the loop and ready to roll.


People who have physical setups and barely an online presence can have one. Just find such a company and convince him to do such. Tell him how this can benefit his business and then make a page for him. When you make his business shine, you’re highly likely to be paid.


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